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360 Degree CCTV Camera – Sony SNC-HM662

The Benefits of a hemispheric 360° CCTV Camera.

With the increasing improvements and low price point of more detailed sensors and resolutions in the industry as a whole 360 Degree CCTV Cameras (referred to as hemispheric CCTV Camera) are rapidly replacing your traditional PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera.

The reason for this is traditional Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras capture a relatively narrow field of view, and utilise mechanical camera manipulation via internal moving parts to scan (pan and tilt) the entire area, and anything with a mechanical element naturally will have more failures than those cameras with non.  However the big problem with PTZ CCTV cameras is that a camera is only able to record what it see’s in its direct field of view and if if they are installed to covered a wide area such as a warehouse or public space it could easily be pointing in the wrong direction and miss a critical event when t happens.

Up until recently the only way to avoid this would to be replace a single PTZ with multiple static cameras to ensure all areas are covered successfully, although this is still generally the industry standard, in some cases may not be possible due to inaccessible areas to mount a camera, the type of installation, i.e. if its a semi covert installation over a wide area, its much easier to hide one camera than six, a client may be put off by multiple cameras due to aesthetics or just down to simple budgetary reasons.

This is where iFacility and the Sony SNC-HM662 can help.

The sony SNC-HM662 when installed correctly by one of our NSI Gold CCTV Installers can give you a full 360° view of the area you wish to be covered, the SNC-HM662 has a recording resolution of 2560 x 1920 which is far better than HD and as the SNC-HM662 provides a variety of 11 view modes that include a 360° hemispheric view, 180° panoramic view, and multiple it means that an operator is able to monitor and extrapolate various views from one single camera (as per images below) or even pan tilt and zoom around the image post recording with enough resolution of image left to clearly identify offenders, intruders faces or health and safety violation or concerns. Click here to view technical specs and short video.

Please Click here for short HM622 intro video and If a 360° hemispheric cctv camera would be beneficial to your organisation and you’d like more information, or a demonstration please get in touch with iFacility Sony CCTV installation team via the contact form on the right

350° hemispheric CCTV Camera DEMO LINK PICTURE

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