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8K CCTV Cameras

8K CCTV Cameras- Ultra High Definition CCTV Systems

 iFacility was one of the first to introduce high definition (HD) CCTV / HDTV megapixel network IP cameras into the surveillance market. Then we were one of the first to introduce 4K technology so adding a mind-bending 8k resolution to our CCTV company portfolio is a natural step in our constant desire to respond to customer demand.

What is 8K CCTV?

8K – offers a whopping seven times the resolution of HDTV. When you compare this to traditional CCTV surveillance cameras, with a resolution of 704 x 480 or less, you can imagine the benefit!  You can get an idea of the zoom level and coverage of an 8K camera by checking out our 8K CCTV demonstration page here. The difference compared to even the best HD video is remarkable; individual images can look as if they were taken with a digital stills camera, and impart the same level of detail from a huge distance away.

The Benefits of 8K CCTV

Ideal for overlooking large areas, 8K IP CCTV is perfect for large scale monitoring of public spaces, car parking and warehousing, and is able to capture the finest of details in your scenes. Due to the exceptionally high picture resolution, ultra high definition 8K cameras from iFacility are also perfect for post-event analysis, providing the ability to digitally zoom into the recorded image. This makes them ideal for clearly identifying intruders, vehicle number plates, or even stock numbers on a box, amongst many other important uses.

Quality and Speed

This high-quality image is captured at top speed; even at the enormous 7360 X 4128 resolution we can offer you an incredibly high frame rate (up to 30 frames per second) our systems can capture fast-moving objects at high resolution. The combination of speed and ultra-high resolutions provides the level of detail that makes the difference when collecting robust evidence, even when looking at wide scenes such as outdoor sites or inside a warehouse.


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