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8K CCTV Cameras

What’s the best image resolution you can expect on a CCTV camera?

With up to 8K image resolution, the latest CCTV Cameras from iFacility provide unparalleled Ultra HD image detail.

Available in a variety of form factors such as traditional, bullet, pan tilt zoom, turrets, domes, or even covert form factors.

High Definition video stream technology preserves complete image integrity through visually lossless recording, while intelligently managing bandwidth and server storage. Solutions can be built to allow remote monitoring, mobile access, and connection to your other business systems.


Low Light Vision

Another advantage of 8K HD CCTV cameras is their ability to work in low-light conditions. Many cameras are equipped with infrared (IR) LEDs and low-light sensors that provide additional lighting in dark environments. This allows the camera to capture clear footage even at night.

Overall, 8K HD CCTV cameras are an important security and deterrent tool for anyone looking to enhance the protection of their property.  With low-light capabilities, high resolution, and advanced features, they provide a powerful tool for deterring crime and protecting your assets.

You can be assured of the very best in situational awareness both inside and outside your business

Situational Awareness

Our integrated solutions don’t just enhance safety at your premisise.

You can be assured of the very best in situational awareness both inside and outside your business

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Agile, Reliable, and innovative, our mission is to protect your people, property, and profits. 

Take your integrated security solution to the next level, by extending it to other building and control elements including:

  • Access Everywhere – Remote access to your security system via myFacility – our proprietary software platform
  • Advanced – The best range of cutting-edge security technology from our network of trusted partners
  • On Watch – Monitoring services from our state-of-the-art control rooms.
  • AI Analytics – Video analytics to help you identify and mitigate security and safety risks

These are just some of the solutions that collectively ensure that you protect what matters most.