About Us

Your intelligent security partner

At iFacility, we’re about more than security and monitoring products. So while we supply and install what you need to safeguard your business, property, and people, our end-to-end service delivers a whole lot more.

We work in partnership with you to develop an integrated solution that achieves your goals. Then we monitor your systems, giving you hassle-free support that scales with your business.

Let iFacility be your intelligent security partner. Find out more about our bespoke solutions.

Our Approach

Problem solving is our stock in trade. We deliver high-performance solutions that meet your needs. So our approach relies upon developing an intimate understanding of your challenges, then specifying, delivering, maintaining and monitoring your system.

Here’s how we optimise a solution that works for you.


Careful listening is the core of our approach. One of our expert team will meet you and discern the challenges you face.

We’ll help you identify your business needs and priorities, working out the best way to meet them.

Technology Specification

We’ll give you a detailed specification of the technology used in our solution. This will be sensitive to your budget and leverage our partnerships with a variety of suppliers. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting from us, and the role it plays in your intelligent security solution – giving you peace of mind as we move into the installation phase.

Site Survey

We survey your site to spec the right solution for your context.

If you have legacy equipment to retain, we check its specification to ensure continuity with our bespoke systems. And we’ll advise of any innovations that we believe can keep your business, property and people protected – drawing on our wide industry knowledge and cutting-edge tech to suggest solutions that work for you.

Project Management & Installation

We design the solution, so it’s our responsibility to make sure it is installed in the correct way. Our project-management and installation team work with your staff to ensure a seamless delivery that is time- and cost-effective.

Then we hand it over with a full briefing, so your people know exactly what they’re working with.

Solution Design

This is where we come into our own: designing a solution that is right for your business. We’ll make sure we respond to your challenges, using the array of technology at our fingertips to achieve your goals.

Our continual horizon scanning adds real value at this stage. Because we live and breathe the world of intelligent security, we know the full extent of the solutions available. And because we’re truly independent, we recommend the perfect fit.


Our involvement doesn’t stop once we’ve handed over your intelligent security solution. We deliver ongoing maintenance and servicing. We also monitor your system in our state-of-the-art surveillance facility, meaning we take responsibility for its operation and alert you of any breaches.

That’s what we mean by an end-to-end solution, giving you access to our expertise every step of the way.