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Access Control – Installation, Maintenance and Remote Management.

Access Control Installation from iFacility

Access control: Monitoring, managing and recording access to your premises and relevant areas electronically, using cards, tokens and readers instead of traditional locks and keys.  You have direct control over who, when and where they have that access.

An Access control installation makes access management simple. No need to dish out selected keys to employees – with all the risk of loss that could ensue. Our access control solutions are easy to use and user-friendly. They bring convenience and security together in a single package that will make you wonder how – or why – you used anything else before.

Access control advantages

Maintaining security at large sites has traditionally involved large bunches of keys: heavy to carry around and slow to use and risking insecurity (and costly replacement of keys and locks) if lost.

With PC-based access control each staff member, or visitor, is issued with card or token that gives access to all the doors, gates or barriers to areas they are authorised to use. Present a card at a reader and access is permitted or denied as appropriate. Lose a key or token? No problem. You have the assurance that, no matter what, your premises will stay secure. And a replacement can be rapidly programmed.

Follow and track staff movements

Use your computer to monitor access and see who has tried to gain access to unauthorised areas: all activity is recorded, including instances of illegal attempts at access. And keep a discrete eye on staff movements.  Protect them than with an intelligent, reliable, access control system.

Should the worst happen – an accident or a crime – your access control system lets you isolate specific areas and track all staff movements across the site at the time.

With access control, you complete control over access for individuals or groups, but you can also vary their access according to different periods of the day. Save money on night time security or keep recreational facilities off-limits during working hours.

Time and attendance

An iFacility system also provides a convenient means to monitor staff timekeeping and presence. Their entry and exit – along with their movements at other times of the day – are all logged. This makes it easy if HR (or other authorised staff) to not only to monitor their employees’ attendance but also deliver detailed reports on any deficiencies.

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