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Alarm Receiving Centre

Professional Alarm Receiving Centre and Control Room

When you have invested in a comprehensive security and surveillance system you want to know that, should the worst happen and an incident occur, it can be attended to swiftly and efficiently. That is where the dedicated control room and Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), at our headquarters in Somerset, can come to your aid.

The ARC is a room with large panel tv screens on the wall and a team of experts monitoring the footage from hundreds of cameras. It has its own power supply, air supply and facilities, so can operate completely independently.
The design and build of any ARC is defined by the security industry to ensure it is an absolutely secure environment. Only authorised personnel can enter, and a complex air-lock style double door system makes unauthorised entry impossible.

The reason for this level of security is that the ARC takes complete responsibility for your security. Staff in the ARC will constantly monitor your security and surveillance system and, should there be any problems or alerts, act immediately upon them.

iFacility’s secure, contemporary ARC

Built to a level that exceeds all current industry requirements, our ARC can monitor building security and CCTV systems, manage access into your premises, and liaise with the authorities and appropriate third parties following any security breach, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fully trained, experienced control room staff

All our ARC staff are fully trained and have been screened and security cleared to the highest level. When an alarm condition is identified, our operators will dial in instantly to the relevant site’s CCTV system to confirm the situation, accurately check for false triggers and alarms, and then take the appropriate action. Depending on the situation and the site, this can be providing an audible warning to the intruder, alerting a nominated keyholder or contacting the police.

If your premises have a URN – Unique Reference Number – then we can use that to ensure that your alert is passed on to the police who will act on the information rapidly and in accordance with BS 8418.

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