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Avigilon HDSM Technology Explained

iFacility explains the Avigilon HDSM System

As your video-surveillance system expands in camera count and image resolution, can your current video management system keep up?

The scenario repeats itself all too often: the hourglass or spinning icon when accessing live or recorded video, waiting for the system to catch up. Slow, choppy and blurry video as it struggles to deliver required resolution and frame rate. These are the familiar symptoms of a video management system (VMS) unable to handle the demands of a growing high definition surveillance architecture.

While other VMS systems can be dependent on leveraging video compression, multicasting and multi-streaming for bandwidth management, Avigilon Control Center (ACC)TM software employs HDSM, a purpose-built bandwidth management technology, which reduces overall network load by an order of magnitude more than traditional technologies.

HDSM technology stores the video information on the server as small packets. Simultaneously, HDSM separates the video into multiple useable segments: lower resolution and smaller size streams for situational awareness, and much larger streams for full image detail. HDSM then intelligently manages these streams based on what the user is viewing.

For example, if multiple cameras are being displayed in ACC software with full field of view, the lower-resolution stream is sent from the server to the client. When the user engages a camera and digitally zooms in for greater detail, the higher resolution stream is provided. However, only the portion from that region of interest is sent. This dramatically reduces the amount of information exchanged between the server and client, by only providing the information that the user needs at that time, regardless of resolution.

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