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iFacility | Axis Internet of Security Thing Event

Axis was the first company to launch the IP Camera (meaning pictures can be viewed over an internal or external IP network) and produced several other security firsts in the IP arena. With this in mind, iFacility attended the invite-only event held at Aston Villa Football club to listen to a presentation on their new products, a view of the future collaboration of IP security product with a focus on the Axis Internet of Security Things.

Firstly we were re-introduced to the AXIS A1001 which is their new open protocol network door/ barrier access controller which can be run standalone with its internal web-based controller or join to a plethora of other systems, such as Avigilon, Paxton and Milestone.

Second was the AXIS A8004-VE which is a network door station, again open protocol – so fully compatible with almost all systems, that provides easy installation of an AV door controller, for doors, barriers or anywhere else that would require voice and video confirmation of visitors before giving access

Then it was on to the C1004-E and C2005 network speakers, which are a mix of cabinet speakers, ceiling speakers and horns that are all IP so allow over the internet voice alerts or music to be broadcast over the internet / local network.

Then we ran over a sample of their many IP CCTV cameras (a full list of AXIS products can be downloaded here) some with their highly anticipated OptimizerIR, lightfinder and Zipstream technologies.

The session was continued with an in-depth explanation of their new Zipstream compression technology which is based on the upcoming h.265 encoder, both of which optimises video surveillance images by an impressive 50% over the current h.264 technology, and with no loss of quality – which in today’s 4, 7 and 8k video streams is a solution to a growing problem of available and costly storage media.

Then came to their lightfinder chip-enabled camera (light finder is a low light chip developed by AXIS) demonstration which brings them in line with the likes of Sony and their VB770 producing fully colour almost daylight images to what is almost full darkness to the naked eye.

The session was wrapped up with a formal introduction to their ‘OptimizerIR’, ‘Focus Recall’, ‘Corridor Format’ and some uniquely thought out speed dry technology which shakes the camera dry of water droplets from the dome head – a common problem for PTZ cameras.

All these features and products can easily be brought together and tamed by the new AXIS Internet of things I/O Module (open protocol) which follows the IF This (happens) Then (do) That methodology.  All and any triggers, alarms and procedures can be initiated from all sorts of inputs, which allows installers and integrators like iFacility to provide you with a true total bespoke system in which you get exactly the type of coverage and peace of mind you need.

If you wish to upgrade your existing AXIS CCTV or know more on AXIS Internet Of Security Things –  Please contact iFacility today.

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