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AXIS Lightfinder Technology

Axis Lightfinder Technology is an innovation in low light video capture brought into the UK via iFacility and AXIS.  With heavy investment into reaserch, development and production of their own microchip controllers and the selection of the best optical components currently available.

Cameras with the Axis’ Lightfinder innovation have extraordinary sensitivity to the light available. Such cameras can convey clear, colour pictures in as little light as 0.18 lux

The Lightfinder innovation gives Axis cameras much more life-like hues in low-light conditions.

Lightfinder noise reduction technology is also part of the system, which in combination with the light sensitivity of the sensor gives a superior image quality with very little noise (which in turn won’t get false flagged as motion)

If you are interested in any ultra low light cameras please contact iFacility today.

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