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Biometrics – Fingerprint and Facial Recognition – Security

Biometric Access Control and Identity Management for Business

Biometrics involves the recording and storage of uniquely identifiable personal characteristics, which enable identification in the future. It can be used for access control and many other forms of business analytics. The usage options are vast, but the main benefit is data uniqueness, obliterating problems with identity theft, and removing the need for other access control devices, with a consequent saving in cost and logistics.

Biometrics is a hugely developing area, and currently provides exact data from facial recognition, eye scanning and fingerprint recognition.

Iris scanning

The iris, the coloured part of the eye, is unique to each individual and cannot be copied. This makes iris scanning a good way of identifying people, and is particularly useful in environments where access is restricted:

  • Opening of door, barrier or gate upon recognition
  • Creation of an audible/visual alarm – e.g. when a known troublemaker is recognised
  • Unlike keys or access fobs, no problems with loss, handing to others, cloning or forgetting
  • Access levels: access can be set dependent on the user

Fingerprint recognition

The fingerprints of staff members, visitors, contractors or others can be recorded into your system. This is particularly effective in areas with limited access; fingerprint recognition is the most popular form of biometrics and is extremely useful for:

  • Automatic opening of door, barrier or gate when an individual is recognised
  • Creation of an alarm or the closure of gates or barriers when unwanted prints are known


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