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Greggs and iFacility

Greggs the Bakers is a well loved fixture on the high street, and is the largest retail bakery chain in the UK, with over 1600 stores and several regional bakeries.

When Greggs undertook an organisational change a couple of years ago they took the opportunity to standardise its approach to retail loss prevention across it’s entire property and business portfolio. A unified system makes the deterrence value more effective and provides the authorities – the Police for example – with valuable post incident evidence whenever an incident occurs.

Such a system would also help in identifying internal fraud, theft, along with assisting in other areas – such as health and safety compliance and asset protection.

iFacility worked closely with Greggs in providing IP CCTV installation services, along with alarm systems and staff protection alarm systems. Staff throughout the company now have the assurance that their business is being protected thanks to 24 hour monitoring. The system also allows the loss prevention team to engage retail Video analytics and insights to monitor and correlate till operation, assess queue abandonment rates and determine store hotspots/stock levels.

Here Bruce Duncan, Greggs Retail Loss Prevention Manager describes how the partnership with iFacility has developed and discusses how the objectives have been successfully met.


To view more on the relationship and services provided by iFacility to Greggs please click here to open the case study 

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