Camera Analytics

 Video Analytics – Can Cameras do more?

Video Analytics, or Video Content Analysis, is the hot topic here at iFacility and out in the marketplace, so what’s it all about?

A formal description might be ‘the automatic analysis and tagging of surveillance video in real-time and initiating relevant responses when a predetermined parameter is breached.’ In practice, it’s about delivering more targeted and specific information extracted from your video footage, which leads to less reliance on manned guarding and more efficient use of manpower. Using video analytics fewer operators can monitor ever large installations (or groups of installations) and do so more effectively.

We are already building intelligent video systems that extract video and data from surveillance streams and integrate it with other applications, such as retail management systems or access control systems. For example, in retail stores we can analyse customer behaviour: store or shelf hotspots, popular routes through the shop, and even queue times, and abandonment.

In airports, we can measure the queue time between entering and exiting a check-in point, helping direct staff to maximize deployment and reduce waiting time for travelers.

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