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Case Study: Bradfords

Bradfords Building Supplies

With more than 30 branches throughout the South West, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and a heritage that stretches back more than 240 years, Bradfords is one of the leading names in the building supplies industry.

Bradfords prides itself on offering a traditional, professional approach to service, making customers feeling valued and always exceeding their expectations. When it came to reviewing their security and surveillance systems it was natural that they should look for a solution that could deliver similarly exceptional service.

The Challenge

Bradfords face several challenges when it comes to protecting themselves and their customers. Theft is an obvious issue, both inside the stores (where small, high value items such as power tools and accessories are targets) and outside, where a balance between security and accessibility has to be maintained. Less obvious, but also important, are issues such as health and safety and the well being of their customers when on site. Any security and surveillance system need to provide coverage for all these – and be flexible to adapt to future demands.

The Group IT Manager at Bradfords was examining the trends in security and surveillance systems when he came across iFacility’s website. He commented:

“I was impressed – and a little intrigued – by the solutions that iFacility could offer. The Company had the same ethos as ourselves and their solution appeared not only to meet our objectives but offer more besides.”

“Of course we take security very seriously throughout Bradfords and realise that a top notch installation is less of a cost and more of an investment.”

He was particularly impressed that iFacility’s solutions, though at the leading edge in technology terms, don’t necessarily always demand a clean slate approach:

“We also liked iFacility’s migration paths that could allow us to use some of our existing investment in CCTV systems and still take advantage of some of the enhanced functionality.”


The Solution

Bradford’s new build store in Exmouth would see the first installation in the partnership between themselves and iFacility. After a thorough site survey an optimum number of internal and external IP cameras were installed to ensure no blind spots. Careful positioning would ensure that the same level of coverage will be maintained should changes be made in the store’s layout in the future.

The choice of high definition cameras ensured the highest picture quality at all times – even when zooming in to examine any specific incidents. Following the Exmouth installation, further systems have been installed at stores in Dorchester, Cinderford and their new Tool Centre in Taunton.


The Benefits

Store Management and Loss Prevention

The flexibility of the iFacility installation is what appeals to the Group IT Manager:

“The same system that we use for theft and fraud protection can also be used for monitoring stock levels and determining customer hot spots.”

“It’s reassuring to know that the iFacility can burn footage of specific events for use remotely should it be needed for legal or police proceedings. And that all our footage and associated data is retained and protected by the highest levels of security”

Remote Access

The Group IT Manager comments:

“With our original installations my team of regional security managers had to physically visit each store to monitor and assess security issues. Now they can now check out potential problems in any iFacility enabled stores instantly. A large clear monitor can display video from several cameras at any of the stores in real time. And should a problem arise at a remote store they can quickly retrieve the camera footage and view any incidents. This has clear benefits for the company in reducing costs and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the security team.”

Future proofing and Scalability

The installations iFacility have provided Bradfords are scalable. If a store is reconfigured or enlarged, the system will easily adapt. Likewise when another store location needs to be added. Support and Maintenance Another of the benefits of the solution delivered to Bradfords is the affordability. A full maintenance contract not only ensures the system always delivers the best possible results but makes budgeting easy with no unexpected costs.

The Future

The Group IT Manager appreciates that the relationship with iFacility is a partnership and very much an on-going one.

“We are pleased with the results of our partnership to date and are looking forward both to future roll-outs and expanding the capabilities of our system in the future.”

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