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Case Study: Monkton Combe

Monkton Combe School

“The school management team has been so pleased with the results, not only in terms of security but also health and safety, that since the initial installation we have increased the coverage.” Facilities Manager

The Opportunity

Monkton Combe School is a leading independent school in Bath. After a number of break-ins, and on police recommendation, the Board agreed that surveillance across all of its entrances would help to keep pupils, staff and property safe. However, with several listed buildings, seven boarding houses and extensive grounds, finding an unobtrusive and affordable solution was a going to be challenge.

iFacility’s Proposition

The school’s Risk and Security Officer approached several companies and eventually chose iFacility, who installed nine cameras at the school. These sophisticated, high-definition cameras work in minimal light, use intelligent motion detection and have wide-angled lenses, providing excellent coverage of the school’s many entrances. All footage is monitored from a central control point and can be viewed at any time.
The Risk and Security Officer explains: “iFacility took great care to establish our requirements and came up with a solution that offered superb picture quality, minimal disruption and the best overall coverage. iFacility’s solution worked with our existing school network, which reduced our overhead costs and means that we can expand the system at our own pace.”

Safety, Security & Peace of Mind
He continues: “Since then we’ve had no break-ins and are looking forward to a reduction in our insurance premiums. The system has also become vital for health and safety. We recently installed one camera in the weights room and one over the outdoor swimming pool, to prevent pupils from using them without supervision. We’re also able to spot when pupils leave the school grounds without authorisation, or come back in during school holidays.”

A Startling Discovery
Sometimes installing a security and surveillance system can have unexpected benefits. The most surprising incident picked up by the CCTV system was a case in point and one that was completely unforeseen. “After reports of torchlight being spotted the previous night, I checked the cameras and was amazed to see two poachers prowling through the grounds and past the buildings. When the police saw the footage they were impressed by its quality and immediately identified the suspects. We’re confident that this will never happen again on our school grounds.”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending iFacility to other schools and colleges and would urge them to get in touch.” 


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