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Case Study: Numatic

Numatic International

“We chose iFacility because their solution was more elegant, more practical, and easier to extend. To put it simply, iFacility talked sense.” That was the comment from Numatic’s Head of Manufacturing when asked about the iFacility solution.

Numatic is a leading manufacturer of domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, which is distributed and sold worldwide. Over 700 people are employed at its main site in Chard, southwest England, which covers 25 acres, with over 500,000 square feet of factory and warehouse buildings.

Numatic’s existing analogue surveillance system was in need of an upgrade. Some cameras were failing, and coverage needed to be extended to a building that was separate from the main site. Numatic asked a number of CCTV suppliers to come up with their recommendations. Having received the proposals, they were faced with two equally expensive choices: extending and upgrading the existing analogue system, or replacing it entirely with a digital IP solution.

A Smarter Solution

That’s where iFacility stepped in. The Head of Manufacturing at Numatic, explains:
“We knew that IP CCTV was the way forward, but were disappointed that it involved scrapping all of our existing cameras, not just the ones that were failing. When we heard about iFacility, we asked them to provide a proposal and were delighted with their recommendations.
They suggested a more affordable IP solution that incorporated our existing analogue cameras. We only needed to buy new cameras in places where we were extending the coverage. This meant that we could upgrade the surveillance system progressively and without writing off our original investment.”

A Total Solution

The head of manufacturing continues: “We quickly realised the benefits of the system; particularly how easy it was to deploy cameras in different areas. We now have 62 cameras across the whole site. They’ve been invaluable for preventing break ins, identifying unauthorised visitors and in 1 case successfully investigating a theft.”

Better quality: “Our security guards, who are on site at all times, are delighted with the new system, as they now have a much better view of all areas, both inside and outside buildings. In addition, they have intercom communication with, and remote operation of, a secondary entrance that was created as part of the major building programme completed in 2009.”

Improved security: “With the old analogue system, recordings were made in the gatehouse and stored on just one computer. Now, everything is archived onto a server located in the IT department, making the system far more secure.”

Easier access: “If there is anything to be investigated, such as an attempted break in, the security guards and senior management can easily access the system with a password, on any computer across the site.”

Faster deployment: “We’re planning to build more factory units in the not too distant future. With this system, we don’t need to worry about expansion – all we need to do is add more cameras and connect them to our network.”

The Future-safe Solution

Numatic has just renewed its service contract with iFacility. “We’re very pleased with the support we have received from iFacility and I’d be happy to recommend them.”


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