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Case Study: Prozone

Prozone Sports

Prozone provides the world’s leading football performance analysis service. Their technology offers real-time, post-match and opposition analysis, and is used by clubs throughout the UK, USA, Europe and the Middle East.

“iFacility’s cutting-edge IP surveillance system has been key to our success.” says the Stadia and Suppliers Manager at Prozone.


How It Works

Intelligent Sony network cameras cameras installed throughout a stadium record each match in high definition. The live video footage is processed for match statistics by the Prozone analytics software. The footage informs and enhances every aspect of the coaching and management process. Prozone’s service is relied upon by clubs such as Manchester Utd, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Liverpool FC.


IP CCTV Technology: a vital part of the operation

The Stadia and Suppliers Manager explains: “When iFacility came on board, it was a massive progression for our business. When we relied upon analogue cameras, we had to be present at each match to ensure that the equipment was working, gather the footage and send it to our production centre. iFacility’s technology allows us to remotely control any site around the world from our Head Office. We can check that each camera is operational, record the live footage to a server and then transfer it from the server to our production centre. This gives us a huge time saving and has significantly enhanced our proposition. To put it simply, without iFacility’s system we could not offer the same service.”


Getting It Right

iFacility installs and maintain the system at each stadium throughout the world. Prozone’s Managing Director explains: “This is the first step to us delivering our service to our customers – and the first taste they have of doing business with Prozone. The quality of iFacility’s approach means that the customer experience is right from the start. iFacility’s ability to respond quickly to any problems is just as vital. Missing a capture of any match would be a disaster and we rely upon them to make sure that doesn’t happen.”


A Long Term Partnership

Prozone and iFacility are looking forward to continued success and future growth. Prozone’s Managing Director continues: “We look on this partnership as one which adds tremendous value to our business and, even more importantly, to our customers.”


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