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Case Study: Scania

Scania GB Ltd

As a leading supplier of heavy buses, coaches and trucks Scania Great Britain is a national operation with 90 service centres.

As part of their ongoing business review process, Scania Great Britain had identified the need for a future proof surveillance system on multiple sites that could be expanded and integrated with access control and security systems. On a visit to a customer’s site, Scania’s Regional After-Sales Manager saw iFacilitys surveillance system in use, and came away highly impressed.

“All our sites are manned 24/7 but we needed a surveillance system that gave us a variety of benefits, not least greater security,” he explained. “We wanted to be able to make sure vehicles were not being removed from sites, that health and safety procedures were being observed and that we could use the system as a management tool for staff. It was a tall order but the project was approached very logically by iFacility and it was all kept very simple from the outset.”

For Site Security

The backbone of each system consists of myFacility, an intelligent communication, management, diagnostic and support platform which lies at the very core of iFacility security solutions. Smartcare is set up using an IP network, totally independent of the Scania IT network and gives remote access via the internet to cameras and varying permissions for managers and selected personnel.

This allows camera images to be viewed from the manager’s laptop at home and other remote PCs. The cameras cover both internal and external areas, providing security for both vehicles and personnel.

As A Management Tool

Scania Great Britain’s managers are able to use the surveillance system and the monitoring it provides as excellent training materials for staff. Demonstrating how a job could be improved upon; showing how a supplier was perhaps not following health and safety protocol; even providing details of registrations of vehicles – all of these topics can be used to train staff in aspects of workplace safety and how to improve upon them. Should the need arise, the in-depth security viewings could also prove vital to internal disciplinary hearings or prosecutions.

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