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Case Study: Thrifty

Thrifty Car & Van Hire

As a major, multi-national car and van hire company, Thrifty has sites all around the UK.

Well versed in the needs for surveillance at vehicle compounds, Thrifty’s Property Manager was not happy with the technology incorporated in their existing security set up and was actively looking for a new, forward thinking and technologically advanced company who could work with them on a nationwide basis.

“We had an ongoing relationship with a security supplier for many years but, when I met iFacility, it was clear that they were keener leaner and more up to date in their knowledge of new technology, surveillance and monitoring solutions,” he explained.

There were specific issues that needed to be addressed at some of Thrifty’s key sites and these were looked at first of all by iFacility drawing up detailed specifications for appropriate surveillance solutions.

Adrian Dorey is iFacility’s Key Account Manager for Thrifty: “One of the sites was in a multi-storey car park in Bournemouth. It was a nightly occurrence for late night revellers from local bars and casinos to wander into the Thrifty site and cause a nuisance. It was important that the client could find out exactly what type of ‘intruders’ they were to allow us to address the problems appropriately.”

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