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Case Study: Tri UK

Tri UK: The Triathlon Specialists

Tri UK, “the UK’s largest triathlon store and mail order specialist”  is packed with everything a triathlete could need: a stock of over 1000 wet suits, an endless pool to test them, cycles from class-leading brands and every conceivable accessory.  A cafe too where you can catch up with the sport over a cappuccino. The owner realized that when it came to ensuring the security of this stock he didn’t just need a comprehensive security system, he needed a like-minded company:

“We’ve built an enviable reputation in the triathlon field through treating each of our customers as an individual, helping provide the kit – and advice – that help each reach the peak of their abilities. People know that when they visit Tri UK, they will get the best possible service. When we were looking around for a company to provide our security needs we wanted a company that shared those same core values. That’s what we found with iFacility.”

iFacility’s Proposition

It was clear that any solution would have to ensure the security of the main stock lines but also provide coverage for smaller, low and high value items. It would also need to take into account the detailed store layout.

The system chosen comprised a number of HD tamper-proof dome cameras that give total coverage to the interior – with no blind spots – and a multichannel video management system.

The  owner explains: “iFacility’s IP proposal was the only solution that delivered a system with the required flexibility to support our current needs and our plans to expand the sales floor. The solution also provided exceptional picture quality and the option of remote access. We were also impressed by the same quality in the replayed video and the easy access to required footage.”

“We also liked iFacility’s individual approach and professionalism that ensured the installation was conducted swiftly and with the minimum of disruption.”

The iFacility Advantage

As the store owner mentioned, he wanted something that could really deliver for his operation and, once installed and up and running, that’s exactly what he got. Here are just some of the key benefits the iFacility solution delivered.

Security and loss prevention

That excellent picture quality that the owner refers to allows close-up footage of events and incidents and makes for rapid and accurate identification of people. No areas that are left unprotected even when the store is busy or displays are reconfigured. No matter where the owner is – in the store, at home or taking part in sport himself – he can, via the unique myFacility portal, see exactly what’s going on. He can choose any camera view, take snapshots from any screen and much more.

Store Management

It becomes easy to determine hotspots, the most effective places to position point of sale and key product lines and remotely monitor stock levels. When the store expanded the iFacility team returned. They rapidly revised the CCTV system to adapt to the in-store changes to ensuring the store remains as secure as ever despite the significant increase to the retailing space.

Remote Access

iFacility has controlled remote access to monitor the cameras and recording equipment ensuring its uninterrupted operation and reliability. It a problem occurs it can often be resolved remotely; otherwise one of iFacility’s engineers can be rapidly despatched to the store ensuring a first time fix.

Unexpected Benefits

The owner points out an incident a while back where the system came to the aid of his stock controller: “We had just had a delivery that included a rather expensive custom part that we’d managed to source for a customer. It had been put somewhere safe but we couldn’t remember where. The camera system came to our aid and helped us locate it”

A Growing Partnership

“We’ve been pleased with our experience with iFacility. There’s no doubt the technology is cutting edge and the quality of the whole package is ensuring that we achieve the twin goals of cutting down on fraud and ensuring a secure operation.” Would they work with iFacility again? “We already have, when enlarging the store and are happy to have an on-going relationship with them.”

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