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Case Study: Woodford Forest

Woodford Forest and Landscaping

Woodford Forest and Landscape may be a small enterprise but is a big name – and leading supplier – in the fencing and landscaping products business in Southern England. Their premises include a large warehouse, retail area, offices and grounds in Salisbury, Wiltshire. The company carries out its manufacturing and retail activities on these premises, and also holds a significant amount of valuable equipment for hire. Products include domestic and agricultural fencing, gates, sheds, decking and tools.


The Opportunity

Woodford’s existing analogue CCTV system was beginning to function poorly – it was only available for viewing rather than recording, and would be of little use in the event of a break in.

The Sales Director explains: “The analogue system was in urgent need of updating. We spoke to several CCTV companies and were particularly impressed when iFacility demonstrated their system. It was a higher quality package that was easier to upgrade than others we had seen.” iFacility’s proposal would provide complete coverage for Woodford’s site and help them protect themselves, their visitors and substantial stock-holding.


iFacility’s Solution

iFacility recommended an affordable solution that would enable Woodford to install three high definition surveillance cameras, with the option to easily expand the system in future should they need to. “We currently have one camera covering our retail shop area, another covering our main external yard, and another covering our storage yard and bottom gate. We get a superb wide-angled full colour view of the premises which is displayed on large flat screen displays in the office and retail area.”

“Another great benefit is that we can access the cameras using a computer or our mobile phones. Whether we are just around the corner, or on the other side of the country, we can log in and see what’s happening, day and night. This allows significant savings in both cost and time as many problems can now be resolved remotely.” says the Sales Director


As well as site security, the system is used:

  • To monitor the premises, checking that activities are running smoothly across the site.
  • To view the premises if the burglar alarm is activated; the management team are notified and can instantly log into the system day and night.
  • To check that health and safety procedures are being followed.

The Sales Director continues, “Pre-recorded footage can be pinpointed quickly and easily, just by entering a date and time. I resolved a staff situation using this method just last week. Information can also be archived and used as evidence in the unlikely event of a break in. I would be happy to recommend iFacility to any other company.”

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