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iFacility | Axis Internet of Security Thing Event

Axis was the first company to launch the IP Camera (meaning pictures can be viewed over an internal or external IP network) and produced several other security firsts in the IP arena. With this in mind, iFacility attended the invite-only event held at Aston Villa Football club to listen to a presentation on their new products, a view of the future collaboration of IP security product with a focus on the Axis Internet of Security Things.

Firstly we were re-introduced to the AXIS A1001 which is their new open protocol network door/ barrier access controller which can be run standalone with its internal web-based controller or join to a plethora of other systems, such as Avigilon, Paxton and Milestone.

Second was the AXIS A8004-VE which is a network door station, again open protocol – so fully compatible with almost all systems, that provides easy installation of an AV door controller, for doors, barriers or anywhere else that would require voice and video confirmation of visitors before giving access

Then it was on to the C1004-E and C2005 network speakers, which are a mix of cabinet speakers, ceiling speakers and horns that are all IP so allow over the internet voice alerts or music to be broadcast over the internet / local network.

Then we ran over a sample of their many IP CCTV cameras (a full list of AXIS products can be downloaded here) some with their highly anticipated OptimizerIR, lightfinder and Zipstream technologies.

The session was continued with an in-depth explanation of their new Zipstream compression technology which is based on the upcoming h.265 encoder, both of which optimises video surveillance images by an impressive 50% over the current h.264 technology, and with no loss of quality – which in today’s 4, 7 and 8k video streams is a solution to a growing problem of available and costly storage media.

Then came to their lightfinder chip-enabled camera (light finder is a low light chip developed by AXIS) demonstration which brings them in line with the likes of Sony and their VB770 producing fully colour almost daylight images to what is almost full darkness to the naked eye.

The session was wrapped up with a formal introduction to their ‘OptimizerIR’, ‘Focus Recall’, ‘Corridor Format’ and some uniquely thought out speed dry technology which shakes the camera dry of water droplets from the dome head – a common problem for PTZ cameras.

All these features and products can easily be brought together and tamed by the new AXIS Internet of things I/O Module (open protocol) which follows the IF This (happens) Then (do) That methodology.  All and any triggers, alarms and procedures can be initiated from all sorts of inputs, which allows installers and integrators like iFacility to provide you with a true total bespoke system in which you get exactly the type of coverage and peace of mind you need.

If you wish to upgrade your existing AXIS CCTV or know more on AXIS Internet Of Security Things –  Please contact iFacility today.

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iFacility Introduces the Ultra Low Light Sony SNC-VB770

iFacility being Sony’s premier IP CCTV integrator are always thrilled to be the first to announce a new product, today is no exception with the new Sony SNC-VB770 Ultra Low Light IP CCTV Camera.  Released April the 14th, this new ultra low light, Ultra HD CCTV camera offers the highest sensitivity in its class – under 0.004lx – ISO 409600  which means that you are able to attain crisp, clear colour images in what would be pitch black to the human eye, with no need for any illumination from standard light or infra red sources!

The new SNC-VB770 camera achieves such high resolution and amazing sensitivity due to its image processing and full-frame 35mm Exmor sensor – all developed internally by Sony;

“The SNC-VB770 builds on Sony’s image sensor strengths and applies this expertise to new applications in the commercial video capture realm,” said Roger Lawrence, Video Security Product Manager at Sony Professional Europe. “Low-light conditions don’t only occur at night. They exist 24/7 in museums, zoos and any number of municipal and commercial areas. This new camera and the expanding line of our 4K network models give users more options for meeting their demanding capture requirements.”

With the exceptional detail provided by 4K cctv technology (4 times the detail of HD) we are able to provide a wide area surveillance system and still capture, magnify and examine the smallest parts of a scene like a face or a car license plate number – all with a single cctv camera – and with the backward-compatible E-mount system – iFacility are able to install the SNC-VNB770 with wide angle or telephoto lenses – which are optimised both optically and via the cameras of internal software code to maximise the performance of the 35 mm full-frame sensor.

The camera’s Intelligent Cropping feature lets users capture a full view while cropping images in its native 4K resolution from multiple images at the same time, with either 3 or 5 simultaneous video streams.


View a short sample of the camera’s capabilities here and please get in touch to pre book a demonstration of this new CCTV system.


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Car Park CCTV Installation

iFacility recently managed the design and installation of a comprehensive Car Park CCTV Installation system for a large municipal car park in Hampshire. The project was commissioned to replace the ageing analogue cameras as part of a local government improvement scheme. 

A large complement of full HD Megapixel Sony CCTV cameras were installed into strategic locations to protect the public and property as part of the safer cities solution.  The cameras have been installed to reduce levels of anti-social behaviour, nuisance and vandalism as well as to provide good site management.

The remote car park was connected via a secure communications link to the central monitoring station.  Open platform video recording and management software allow flexible and future-proof benefits, meaning surveillance footage can be very easily stored and accessed. An example of further improvement is our newly integrated site alarm system to provide proactive anti-vandalism protection for the cash machines.


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Access Control

Access Control Installation from iFacility

Access control: Monitoring, managing and recording access to your premises and relevant areas electronically, using cards, tokens and readers instead of traditional locks and keys.  You have direct control over who, when and where they have that access.

An Access control installation makes access management simple. No need to dish out selected keys to employees – with all the risk of loss that could ensue. Our access control solutions are easy to use and user-friendly. They bring convenience and security together in a single package that will make you wonder how – or why – you used anything else before.

Access control advantages

Maintaining security at large sites has traditionally involved large bunches of keys: heavy to carry around and slow to use and risking insecurity (and costly replacement of keys and locks) if lost.

With PC-based access control each staff member, or visitor, is issued with card or token that gives access to all the doors, gates or barriers to areas they are authorised to use. Present a card at a reader and access is permitted or denied as appropriate. Lose a key or token? No problem. You have the assurance that, no matter what, your premises will stay secure. And a replacement can be rapidly programmed.

Follow and track staff movements

Use your computer to monitor access and see who has tried to gain access to unauthorised areas: all activity is recorded, including instances of illegal attempts at access. And keep a discrete eye on staff movements.  Protect them than with an intelligent, reliable, access control system.

Should the worst happen – an accident or a crime – your access control system lets you isolate specific areas and track all staff movements across the site at the time.

With access control, you complete control over access for individuals or groups, but you can also vary their access according to different periods of the day. Save money on night time security or keep recreational facilities off-limits during working hours.

Time and attendance

An iFacility system also provides a convenient means to monitor staff timekeeping and presence. Their entry and exit – along with their movements at other times of the day – are all logged. This makes it easy if HR (or other authorised staff) to not only to monitor their employees’ attendance but also deliver detailed reports on any deficiencies.

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