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Covid-19 – iFacility Statement

Our Customers are at the very heart of everything we do at iFacility.

We take the trust you place in us very seriously, and we understand that the work we do matters to the protection, and function, of your business.

Here are some of the steps we have taken in the last few weeks to ensure we deliver the best and consistent service over this period;

• We have altered the entry and exit points to buildings, ensuring that all staff now enter through a specially-built sanitisation room, where specialist handwashing equipment has been deployed, and handwashing recorded to ensure compliance.
• Regular cleaning of common meeting places, touchpoints or routes through our premises.
• Our monitoring team has been split into 4 sub-teams over two separate locations, with no cross-team personal interaction. This minimises the risk of spreading the virus at work.
• We have implemented a third remote backup control team, should teams one and two fail and be compromised.
• A fourth backup location can be implemented, although for security reasons the location cannot be revealed to either team.
• We have established a sanitation team that is on call 24hrs in the event of an emergency, with cleaning items being kept in multiple off-site locations.
• We have been in liaison with local authorities to obtain permission to pass roadblocks, should such a measure be implemented.
• Non-monitoring staff is now working remotely enabled by our off-site working technology, reducing the risk to our team.
• A number of multi-skilled staff have been readied to take the place of anyone who falls sick or cannot attend work.
• Extensive fuel, water and provisions storage, along with our usual back-up generator system and multiple redundant communication lines ensure that our facilities continue to operate.
• We have drawn up contingency plans to increase or alter our services to existing customers, should their requirements change.

These are just a number of steps we are implementing and we would like to reassure you that, as of this moment, we do not anticipate disruption or ceasing of any of our services.

With our established procedures for responding to emergencies and maintaining business continuity, you can rest assured we have the full ability to deliver our monitoring solutions to our customers. We have developed, and have convened a COVID-19 task force to review developments on a daily basis to adjust our approach as information comes to light.

Our platform infrastructure has redundancy built-in to continue to maintain our Service Level Agreements. In addition, our customer service will continue to be available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our primary monitoring facility is a hardened building housed in a very rural location, away from major cities and conurbations, with secure access and extensive protection.

We understand that when situations change, our clients or their staff may be sent home leaving buildings and assets at risk; especially concerning these challenging times. If this is the case pleases contact us so that we can offer advice or services to suit your needs.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our customers and staff for their support.

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