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Dahua CCTV Camera System

Dahua or as they are known by their full name Zhejiang Dahua Technology is a leading security and CCTV manufacturer and UK partner to iFacility.

Researched, developed, manufactured, supported and serviced via over 11,000 employees over the world, Dahua’s products are distributed to over 160 countries. They have 35 subsidiaries which globally cover Asia, Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Oceania, Africa.

Dahua cameras technically deliver an unparalleled quality of image, reliability and stability.  With picture quality, security and build quality in their IP CCTV Cameras that we are yet to find better for the price for our clients.   This is why in early 2017 iFacility became a preferred Dahua UK Partner for supply, installation and support for the full range of digital IP CCTV Cameras, (including thermal and PTZ) NVRs, Software and even the industrial specification x820 CCTV drone.

We can offer a budget to fit any business needs from an entry level Dahua 1 mp camera for non-sensitive areas that need a beautifully clear picture but do not require a significant depth of resolution.   Right up to the selection of Dahua 4k CCTV Cameras that offers unparalleled quality, and full frame rate running at 4000×3000 pixels enabling you (or us if you are one of our 24-hour mounting customers) to zoom right into the action.   See our megapixel guide image here, and also an interactive demo of what you can expect from a 4k Dahua camera here.

Dahua is committed to providing its highest quality products with the latest technologies to enable end users to perform their business successfully, and they deliver constant unparalleled quality, reliability and stability, and it is for that reason that we have chosen to partner with them from the many Chinese CCTV and security providers that are currently in the marketplace today. 

So please contact iFacility today if you require any more information or a quotation on a Dahua CCTV system Installation.

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