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Food Production Security

Food production demands the highest level of security; both to protect your business interests and to ensure consumer confidence. It can take very little to dent a reputation built over generations. Today, more than ever, it’s important not only to ensure your production methods are secure but to be seen to do so. We work with major names in the food production industry to help them demonstrate the highest standards of production and security. We have the expertise to deliver security and surveillance systems, access control, cctv, alarm systems and video analyticsdesigned to cover all aspects of your business.

Our HD, and Ultra HD IP CCTV systems not only provide full coverage of your external delivery areas and internal food preparation and production spaces, but can go further; safeguarding all aspects of the production process. Using intelligent detection systems they can define clear go and no go zones and perimeters for staff, delivering alerts if contravened, as well as detecting anyone who may not have authorisation to be on the site to help protect and avoid any type of food contamination, or on the unfortunate event where a surveillance only system was unable to prevent a contamination or health and safety non conformance, we will provide you with evidence and analytics to prove with no doubt – what had occurred.

You can view the footage from all your cameras in one central location via our unique myFacility system, and you can access both live and historical footage from your PC, Mac, or mobile phone or tablet device, day and night.

An intelligent, integrated security and surveillance system can also help you monitor and verify statutory compliance at critical stages of manufacture. Health and safety breaches can be identified and are then more easily addressed. Our access control systems will ensure that entry to particular areas is restricted to those who are authorised, and intelligent building systems ensure no power is wasted when areas are not in use.

All this data; from the cameras, access control systems and alarms is recorded, allowing you and your team to monitor and analyse all movements and operations in your plant, providing definitive evidence when and where required. Staff movements, vehicle movements and access is all unambiguously stored, providing a complete solution, specifically focused on your business.

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