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Case Study: Greggs – Retail Security Systems

Greggs the Bakers

iFacility’s solution for Greggs proposed a number of IP cameras, for each branch, a comprehensive recording and information portal with a full support and maintenance programme based on an assessment of individual shop and wider group requirements.

The Retail Loss Prevention Manager for Greggs explains: “iFacility was the only company to put an IP proposal together initially and we immediately saw that it was the more flexible, future proofed system as they clearly understood our requirements and the demands of the system. Not only did it offer better picture quality and remote access, but also an improved payback through several other potential operational benefits.”

iFacility’s personal approach also made an impression: “iFacility was very professional from start to finish, e.g. they quickly reassured our IT department that the IP solution integrated seamlessly with our existing infrastructure, with straightforward installation and acceptable IT security controls. We were also impressed by their ability to coordinate an efficient supply chain, including an experienced hardware supplier, distributor and installation team.”

The benefits of a standardised centrally controlled CCTV system were considered. The Retail Loss Prevention Manager explains: “A unified system is key to deterring potential criminals, providing Police with valuable post incident evidence and incentivising good internal controls and best practice. With this in mind, we contacted a number of suppliers, asking them to put together a proposal.”

The Benefits of the iFacility Solution

Security and Loss Prevention

IP technology delivers excellent picture quality, allowing quick and accurate identification of people as well as close up footage of events, high frame rates and intelligent recording.

Health and Safety Benefits

Cameras are also located back of house, i.e. around the food preparation area in each shop, helping to reassure staff and incentivise good practice and diligence.

Store Management

“The ability of the technology to be stretched to different uses is impressive; for example; we have the ability to use the system to monitor customer and stock levels in real time. It may also be used to identify customer hotspots to help us decide where to place point of sale most effectively and also to perform analysis for marketing purposes.”

Remote Access

The ability of managers to view footage remotely, either online or via a mobile device such as Blackberry or iPhone is a key benefit allowing regional managers to log in to their own shops’ systems, i.e. to view live and recorded footage of as and when required to quickly identify and resolve issues.


IP technology is totally future-proofed, i.e. the system’s flexibility and functionality ensures maximum return on the original investment without the need for unnecessary cost. For example, additional cameras and sensors can easily be connected to existing store infrastructure and the CCTV is able to be integrated with other systems, such as access control and EPOS.

The solution includes a full support and Maintenance program, ensuring the ongoing investment is utilised to its maximum potential. A final comment? “Our experience of iFacility has been extremely positive – their technology is of excellent quality and is reassuringly adding value to our current security strategy.

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