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Gym, Leisure and Fitness Security and Monitoring

Take a weight off your mind with our CCTV, Access and 24 /7 / 365 Monitoring security

From Gyms, Leisure venues to Fitness clubs – iFacility has the experience and knowledge to ensure the utmost protection and safety to members, visitors, and staff. Being the UK’s leading security integrator we are uniquely placed to offer genuine business benefits, state-of-the-art technology, and cost-effective solutions. We don’t sub-contract to other companies, we offer a full 24-hour gym security solution installed and monitored end to end by our experts. A single solution from one secure provider – iFacility.

From initial consultancy, system design, installation to the support and remote monitoring we are passionate and focused on our end-to-end package.

A Unique Life Safety and Security Offering

With our advanced Gym and Fitness secure remote monitoring service using our own iSecure AI Powered platform which allows up to the second information and analytic metrics to our customers via myFacility security portal. We combine convenience and security in a single package that will make you wonder how you used anything else before. Information and data from all your security and surveillance devices can be brought together at a single point, enabling your security team or managers to effectively monitor and analyse all activity.

With expertise in IP systems integration, bringing together electronic and software-driven security using IP CCTV, IP Access Control, Member Access Portals, Automated Doors, Fingerprint / Biometric control, and Alarms systems.

iFacility protect and are active in hundreds of Gyms and fitness venues across the country with proven success. This ensures your customers and members have the life safety and total reassurance as and when we are required.

Integrated Management

Integrated CCTV surveillance and access control ensure that you have full control over who goes where in your Gym, Leisure Facility, or Fitness Clubs. You can determine who has access to specific areas and exactly when, ensuring the safety of your staff, particularly if they are working alone or during quiet hours. The system also provides a centralised, secure, and robust way to manage multiple sites, and should an accident or crime happen, you can be assured iFacility has it covered.

We deliver the potential for real change. All our solutions are flexible, scalable, and designed to adapt to tomorrow’s developments; we design solutions to meet your needs and your budget, for now, and well into the future. Working with some of the biggest names in the Gym, Fitness, and Leisure industry, you have the assurance that our products and solutions are tested and used in real-world environments like yours.

For any and all security needs, click to get in touch with iFacility today, and let’s explore the possibilities.


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