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Case Study: Hertz – Car Hire and Rental Security Solutions

Hertz Car Hire

“iFacility has shown complete dedication to ensure the product fits our requirements, meets expectation and continues to do so.”  Director of Corporate Security

The Opportunity

Hertz wanted to upgrade their existing Car Rental site at Birmingham Airport to Hertz Gold. This improves the Hertz customer experience providing faster reservations, rentals and returns, as well as improving general Security and Health and Safety at the valeting and fueling centre at another part of the airport.

Director of Corporate Security for Hertz selected iFacility to deliver the system; “We chose iFacility because they thoroughly researched the requirements for our facility in order to create the most suitable system.”

iFacility’s Proposition

iFacility performed a full assessment of the security requirements and installed a fully integrated solution. This incorporates IP megapixel CCTV cameras, Automatic Number plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, secure barrier, and blocker traffic management system and Intruder Alarm across the two locations.

Security and loss prevention
Hertz explains:“The cameras provide High Definition images from around the site. We’re also pleased with the entry and exit design, which sends a clear message that the area is a secured zone, and acts as a deterrent against opportunist criminals.”

Access Control
iFacility installed a bespoke access control system that was tailored exactly to the Hertz rental facility. Automatic barriers and rising kerbs give staff complete control over who is allowed to enter and exit. The intelligent ANPR cameras integrate with the Hertz system and allow greater visibility of Hertz fleet movements.

Health and safety
One of the system’s key strengths is its ability to be stretched to other uses. Hertz explains: “As well as security, the CCTV system also brings operational and health and safety benefits. In the event of an incident, it can be utilised to recall evidence to assist our enquiries. It also allows regional managers to review the operation of the site at times when they may not be present.”

Remote Access
Hertz explains: “The ability to remotely log in to the iFacility platform and review it off-site is a huge benefit. Any situation that would require site management to review the location live, or to recall previously recorded images would, ordinarily, result in a personal visit. The ability to securely view from an iPhone or Blackberry or personal computer provides the key benefits of effective time management and the reduction of travel expenses.

Overall, Hertz is delighted with the results and would recommend iFacility to be considered for similar projects: “It was refreshing to deal with a business that had a genuine interest and desire to provide a suitable system for the challenge faced. They have a good knowledge of the systems to be installed and have provided excellent after-sales service”

About Hertz
Hertz is the largest worldwide airport general use car rental brand operating from approximately 8500 corporate and licensee locations in approximately 150 countries. For more details, visit www.hertz.co.uk


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