Hikvision Cameras - UK Video CCTV Surveillance VASP Partnership with iFacility
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Hikvision – Installation, Maintenance, Remote Monitoring from a VASP Partner

iFacility – Hikvision VASP Accredited CCTV Camera Installer in the UK with NSI Gold level Installation Standards


iFacility are authorised, accredited and chosen by Hikvision the world’s largest CCTV camera manufacturer as a VASP installation and support partner in the UK.

With our unrivaled expertise, knowledge, and consultancy to deliver on any size project, iFacility is the installer of choice in the UK for delivering scalable enterprise HD IP CCTV solutions. Offering a perfect accompaniment of services including Planning, Design, Installation, Training as well as support and maintenance of any Hikvision system.

With recording platforms from Network Video Recorders – NVR / Blazer Pro to the enterprise video management software Hikcentral,  we have a variety of solutions to meet your business needs.

Founded in 2001 Hikvision is a global leading security camera manufacturer and has a tight working partnership with iFacility. Advanced cybersecurity standards such as FIPS 140-2, GDPR compliance and cybersecurity assurance ensures your security remains as it should – secure.


Advanced technologies such as 4K CCTVThermal Cameras, H265+ storage, DarkfighterX, Facial Recognition, and advanced DeepInMind Analytical Artificial intelligence provide clarity of image, incredible depth of field and data to feed your business.


For these reasons advanced detection of intruders can be made to our own remote monitoring centers which can protect your business no matter what time of the day or night. This offers a true end to end offering, from the camera to call we assure we offer the utmost protection.


As a result, our academy-trained iFacility engineering team all strategically located all over the UK delivers any solution correctly as only we know-how. They all have expert experience, knowledge and proven successful integrations from offices, warehouses, retail units and various businesses large or small.

Most importantly iFacility has performed the installation and support of thousands of CCTV Security cameras all across the UK.

Furthermore backing all this up and uniquely in the marketplace – our own in house software development team enables us to get the best solution delivered for our customers no matter the requirement.

For any Hikvision security requirements click here to contact iFacility or call 01749 600 600

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