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Hotel Security

Your hotel and guests security is in safe hands with iFacility

An iFacility Hotel CCTV system will provide full coverage of your hotel and conference centre, inside and out, ensuring actual and perceived security for your guests, your staff and your business.  It’s not just CCTV we provide, we are experts in door access control systems, surveillance, Intruder alarm installation, support and more and being premier solution partners with the likes of as Sony, Avigilon, Axis, Milestone and Paxton you can ensure a quality of product and service.

iFacility has more than just technical prowess to complete your installation – we also have significant experience working in the hospitality industry, ranging from exceptionally well known global names, to independent establishments, so we recognise too well the challenges faced, so we can offer you solutions that cover all aspects and challenges of your business.

Hotel CCTV systems

All our CCTV is chosen carefully, not only for its technical competency but also to ensure that it works aesthetically with your hotel.  We have multiple colour options we can use, and many different style of camera and we are used to large, multisite buildings and historical / listed buildings, and all our installations are NSI gold approved.   Once your install is handed over, we will fully train you in its operation – or we can monitor your system on your behalf.   All footage from all cameras is available to be viewed centrally and remotely; ideal if you have a small security team, or you monitor the CCTV yourself you can also review historical footage from any of the cameras if specific events need closer examination.  Designated staff can also review historical footage from any of the cameras if specific events need closer examination (under your control)….All in glorious HD or Ultra HD!

Hotel Door Control Systems

Barrier, Gate and Door Access is another important element in the hotel sector. Our access control systems will ensure that staff and visitors can only enter areas designated for them, and secure external areas such as car parks without increasing the staff overhead. Intruder alarms provide that extra tier of security and protection, either visibly or silently advising you of any intrusion or incursion. You can also use your cameras to ensure that staff comply with safety legislation and avoid the risk of costly litigation from guests.

Hotel Car Park Barriers, Gates and ANPR

Our security and access control solutions also extend to external spaces. We can ensure that your entire site is secure whilst guaranteeing that authorised access for vehicles and people is simple. We deliver systems that monitor site boundaries, access points and gates; providing a simple, centralised way to monitor and manage access.

Whatever you need, get in touch today and our friendly team will arrange a no-obligation site survey for you.

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