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iFacility attends Foodex 2016

Foodex 2016 showcased over 1200 food and drinks businesses and hosted insights from 250 experts to highlight the latest technology and ideas in the industry.  Perfectly placed amongst this expertise and innovation, food security and surveillance experts iFacility were there to meet with current and prospective clients, and talk about the latest developments in food security technologies.  Some of the most exciting being the new ultra low light 4K CCTV from Sony ideal for flexible surveillance with pinpoint accuracy in all conditions.  Also Retrofitting of production machines with  IP CCTV cameras (monitored 24 hours a day) and Access Control Systems including Biometric readers or RFID card readers to prevent unauthorised access or tampering with foodstuffs during production.

One of the hot topics of discussion at Foodex was obviously food safety, with some seminars and workshops discussing the best ways to ensure compliance, and keep staff and public safe through traditional live monitoring and also post process video analytics.  iFacility is at the forefront of health and safety solutions for even the most complex manufacturing, supply and food service business; every site and outlet can be effectively and efficiently monitored and real-time analysed with an integrated iFacility system which is tailored to meet the exact individual need of our clients.

If you are involved in food processing whether it be producing, baking, packaging, ingredients or logistics you will need security, building control and operator/staff safety monitoring to ensure modern stay standards and hygiene controls are adhered to.   For details on iFacilitys incredible range of food security products and services, please visit ifacility.co.uk today.


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