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iFacility invited to Canon Expo 2015

Canon tech expo Paris 2015

It happens only once every five years but all in the business eagerly anticipate the Canon Expo. iFacility were specially invited and flown over – by Canon – to Paris. The Expo is where Canon showcases its new technologies, some of which are about to hit the mainstream and some concepts that could shape future designs.

Breathtaking 8K CCTV

We were particularly interested to see the breathtaking 8K CCTV products: it goes without saying that the image quality s incredible (with four times the overall resolution of 4K UHD cameras) and options for placement of such a camera are endless. It may be a while before these products are viable to businesses, but there was no denying we had got a glimpse into the future!

Ultra Low Light Cameras

The other remarkable piece of technology was their ultra low light camera lenses, giving almost daylight quality images in scenarios where the human eye would only see pitch black. Night vision is not new but to deliver the image quality we saw with Canon system without the use of infrared lighting providing covert was quite astonishing.

Away from CCTV system we saw the new 250mb sensor for their range of SLR Camera, advanced telescope technologies and the digital printing presses that really awakened our inner geek.

As for the 8K technology we’ll bring you more news and information as it becomes available to us.


Canon Expo 2015 iFacility


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