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iFacility Partner with Avigilon

When iFacility Partner with Avigilon, or any other prime manufacturer, it opens up a plethora of extra services and technologies that we can pass on to you, our client.  In the case of Avigilon, it means we can now offer their full range of professional products such as the 7K 30-megapixel Avigilon CCTV camera which compliments our HD and 4K offerings from Sony and Samsung.  Please click the following links to see just how breathtaking the 7k and 4k zoom function is, with a CCTV snapshot of the city of Baths center.

7K Avigilon CCTV Camera Demo

4K Avigilon CCTV Camera Demo

The extended Avigilon platform offers three levels of software video management system (VMS) Core, Standard and Enterprise as well as advanced video analytics and access control.

Get unparalleled image detail with this high-definition surveillance system with cameras available from iFacility in an HD Pro, HD Bullet, HD Domes and HD Camera format.

High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology preserves complete image integrity through visually lossless compression, while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage.

This technology allows you to search through vast amounts of HD footage in just seconds ensuring you never miss a thing.

All of iFacility security solutions are built on an open platform, which allows them to easily integrate with your existing security systems and technology and our video surveillance platform is open to both IP and analog cameras, and our cameras are open to other leading types of video management software providing an end to end trusted security solution.

Please get in touch today for any more information on the iFacility Partner with Avigilon

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iFacility attends 2016 ORIS Conference

iFacility were chosen to attend the ORIS Forum annual conference and 10th birthday celebration this week.  Only companies that are experts in the field of loss prevention were invited to present; the event exists to bring together innovative thinking and help shape future industry developments.  The aim is also to share best practice, introduce the latest advances in the industry, and further relationships with the many retailers that attend.

The conference was held in May at Whittlebury Hall, in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, and involved two days of presentations, networking and discussions to help develop industry collaborations, demonstrate new techniques and further knowledge.

Delighted to be able to be part of the Oris Forum which is a significant industry event, iFacility relished the opportunity to share their expertise in this important field, as well as the chance to meet up with clients old and new.  Representatives from companies such as McDonalds, SuperDry, Yankee Candle and Greggs were there amongst many others, to discuss the issues that retail businesses are facing now, and those that are likely to pose challenges in the future.  All attendees enjoyed talks on beneficial subjects such as ‘Retail and the changing landscape of international terrorism’ and lone working, as well as a number of discussions on such important areas as cyber risks, loss prevention and business continuity.

iFacility were able to share their insights and solutions, demonstrating the benefits of new technologies including ultra low light and 4K IP cctv cameras, video analyticsaccess control and biometrics for staff protection and health and safety monitoring.

The evening was spent celebrating ORIS’ 10th birthday, with a barbecue and themed events, as well as the opportunity to informally chat with representatives from the many retailers present, and discover more about the specific challenges that those from different sectors face.

The ORIS Retail Loss Prevention Forums have gathered significant traction in recent years. Since the Fashion Forum was formed in February 2006, there are now 9 Forums representing the heads of LP, risk and Health & Safety for Fashion, Café, Dining and Hospitality, Speciality, DIY & Building Trade, Omni-Channel, Supermarket & Grocery, Health & Safety, Brand Protection and Ireland.  There are 100 members representing more than £200 billion worth of turnover, one million staff and 35,000 stores.

iFacility at Oris forum 2016

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iFacility attends Foodex 2016

Foodex 2016 showcased over 1200 food and drinks businesses and hosted insights from 250 experts to highlight the latest technology and ideas in the industry.  Perfectly placed amongst this expertise and innovation, food security and surveillance experts iFacility were there to meet with current and prospective clients, and talk about the latest developments in food security technologies.  Some of the most exciting being the new ultra low light 4K CCTV from Sony ideal for flexible surveillance with pinpoint accuracy in all conditions.  Also Retrofitting of production machines with  IP CCTV cameras (monitored 24 hours a day) and Access Control Systems including Biometric readers or RFID card readers to prevent unauthorised access or tampering with foodstuffs during production.

One of the hot topics of discussion at Foodex was obviously food safety, with some seminars and workshops discussing the best ways to ensure compliance, and keep staff and public safe through traditional live monitoring and also post process video analytics.  iFacility is at the forefront of health and safety solutions for even the most complex manufacturing, supply and food service business; every site and outlet can be effectively and efficiently monitored and real-time analysed with an integrated iFacility system which is tailored to meet the exact individual need of our clients.

If you are involved in food processing whether it be producing, baking, packaging, ingredients or logistics you will need security, building control and operator/staff safety monitoring to ensure modern stay standards and hygiene controls are adhered to.   For details on iFacilitys incredible range of food security products and services, please visit ifacility.co.uk today.


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iFacility Introduces the Ultra Low Light Sony SNC-VB770

iFacility being Sony’s premier IP CCTV integrator are always thrilled to be the first to announce a new product, today is no exception with the new Sony SNC-VB770 Ultra Low Light IP CCTV Camera.  Released April the 14th, this new ultra low light, Ultra HD CCTV camera offers the highest sensitivity in its class – under 0.004lx – ISO 409600  which means that you are able to attain crisp, clear colour images in what would be pitch black to the human eye, with no need for any illumination from standard light or infra red sources!

The new SNC-VB770 camera achieves such high resolution and amazing sensitivity due to its image processing and full-frame 35mm Exmor sensor – all developed internally by Sony;

“The SNC-VB770 builds on Sony’s image sensor strengths and applies this expertise to new applications in the commercial video capture realm,” said Roger Lawrence, Video Security Product Manager at Sony Professional Europe. “Low-light conditions don’t only occur at night. They exist 24/7 in museums, zoos and any number of municipal and commercial areas. This new camera and the expanding line of our 4K network models give users more options for meeting their demanding capture requirements.”

With the exceptional detail provided by 4K cctv technology (4 times the detail of HD) we are able to provide a wide area surveillance system and still capture, magnify and examine the smallest parts of a scene like a face or a car license plate number – all with a single cctv camera – and with the backward-compatible E-mount system – iFacility are able to install the SNC-VNB770 with wide angle or telephoto lenses – which are optimised both optically and via the cameras of internal software code to maximise the performance of the 35 mm full-frame sensor.

The camera’s Intelligent Cropping feature lets users capture a full view while cropping images in its native 4K resolution from multiple images at the same time, with either 3 or 5 simultaneous video streams.


View a short sample of the camera’s capabilities here and please get in touch to pre book a demonstration of this new CCTV system.


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Car Park CCTV Installation

iFacility recently managed the design and installation of a comprehensive Car Park CCTV Installation system for a large municipal car park in Hampshire. The project was commissioned to replace the ageing analogue cameras as part of a local government improvement scheme. 

A large complement of full HD Megapixel Sony CCTV cameras were installed into strategic locations to protect the public and property as part of the safer cities solution.  The cameras have been installed to reduce levels of anti-social behaviour, nuisance and vandalism as well as to provide good site management.

The remote car park was connected via a secure communications link to the central monitoring station.  Open platform video recording and management software allow flexible and future-proof benefits, meaning surveillance footage can be very easily stored and accessed. An example of further improvement is our newly integrated site alarm system to provide proactive anti-vandalism protection for the cash machines.


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iFacility Win Building of the Year Award

iFacility were proud to given the Best Commercial Building of the year Award for our new state of the art CCTV Alarm Response Centre and Corporate Head Quarters here in Somerset earlier this year.

The award was presented to us as part of Mendip Building Excellence Awards which recognise and reward projects built to the highest standards of design, workmanship and project management, during the past year, Winners were chosen by a specialist panel that included Tracy Aarons, corporate manager for the built environment service, which includes planning, conservation, building control and housing.

Prior to the awards Tracy said: “The winners of this year’s awards will be kept under wraps until the presentation night, but once again the standard is very high and I anticipate that the nominees will be very difficult to judge.” and Cllr Nigel Woollcombe-Adams, portfolio holder for built environment, added: “These awards are a great opportunity for local developers, businesses and private individuals to be recognised for their hard work by Mendip District Council. We anticipate that the competition will be strong as many of those in the district who build and manage projects to the highest standard will be in attendance.

A big well done to everyone involved internally as this was a very much ‘hands on’ project for Directors Paul and Nathan, and a big thank you to Mendip District Council for the recognition of all the efforts made to ensure we have the best facilities available for our Staff and Clients alike.

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iFacility: Total Security Summit 2015

An Exclusive Forum

The Total Security Summit is an exclusive forum designed to bring together security professionals from across a wide range of industries and the key industry solution providers. Over two packed days they have the opportunity to discuss the latest technologies, innovations and opportunities at informal but focused one-to-one meetings. Plenary sessions and breakouts allow for further networking and the chance to share new ideas and practices more widely.

Demonstrating our unique technology solutions

iFacility was pleased to accept an invitation to join the Summit held this October in Northamptonshire, following a successful visit to the 2014 event. Unlike many shows and exhibitions the tight, pre-arranged meeting format works well for all the attendees. Senior managers and Directors from the business world with a particular responsibility for security and surveillance – and often with an actual requirement – had the chance to meet with us and discuss their particular issues and situations. They could also get an introduction to at some of the innovative technologies – such as myFacility and Video Vault – that differentiate iFacility from more traditional security and surveillance companies.

Closer Ties

We were pleased to meet some interesting and enthusiastic people from diverse corporate backgrounds and are looking forward to developing some close ties with many of them over the coming months as iFacility bring their unique blend of technology and security solutions to more and more businesses.

Finally a big thank you to those that took the time to talk with us and to Forum Events for making the Summit possible.

Total Security Summit 2015

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iFacility invited to Canon Expo 2015

Canon tech expo Paris 2015

It happens only once every five years but all in the business eagerly anticipate the Canon Expo. iFacility were specially invited and flown over – by Canon – to Paris. The Expo is where Canon showcases its new technologies, some of which are about to hit the mainstream and some concepts that could shape future designs.

Breathtaking 8K CCTV

We were particularly interested to see the breathtaking 8K CCTV products: it goes without saying that the image quality s incredible (with four times the overall resolution of 4K UHD cameras) and options for placement of such a camera are endless. It may be a while before these products are viable to businesses, but there was no denying we had got a glimpse into the future!

Ultra Low Light Cameras

The other remarkable piece of technology was their ultra low light camera lenses, giving almost daylight quality images in scenarios where the human eye would only see pitch black. Night vision is not new but to deliver the image quality we saw with Canon system without the use of infrared lighting providing covert was quite astonishing.

Away from CCTV system we saw the new 250mb sensor for their range of SLR Camera, advanced telescope technologies and the digital printing presses that really awakened our inner geek.

As for the 8K technology we’ll bring you more news and information as it becomes available to us.


Canon Expo 2015 iFacility


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Vacancy: Support Engineer, Midlands

We are looking for self-motivated individuals to join our team of  Security and Support Engineers, who have previous experience of all types of CCTV, intruder alarm and access control installations.

You can be home based and will work substantially in Birmingham and the West Midlands but travel nationally and internationally will sometimes be required.

Those based in Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, Nottingham, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Tamworth (where our regional office is based) and surrounding areas will all be considered.


  • Support and Installation Experience in all industry sectors but particularly retail
  • Previous NSI / SSAIB experience is preferred but not essential
  • Excellent diagnostic and fault-finding skills
  • Strong Communication skills and highly presentable
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Must be available to work away when required
  • Full Driving Licence
  • Full UK Passport
  • Van, mobile phone, laptop and power tools supplied
  • Knowledge of IP, integrated systems and fire systems would be an advantage

A competitive salary based on experience is offered.
The nature of this work is such that you will be required to undergo a full security screening that may require references from previous employers, and verification of all training, certifications undertaken and qualifications achieved.

Next step

Candidates that most closely meet our requirements will be asked to attend an interview.

iFacility are leaders in providing IP CCTV surveillance, monitoring and integrated security systems. We supply and install high definition IP CCTV network surveillance cameras, IP access control, intelligent building security, health & safety and management solutions for a wide range of customers from small businesses to high profile international clients.

iFacility welcomes applications from anyone with the necessary skills. It is our policy to always select the best candidates, irrespective of any disability, their sex, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief, colour, nationality or race.

Strictly no agencies or other recruitment organisations

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Walking the Line

How do you ensure the security of premium works of art by renowned artists such as Damien Hirst or Eduardo Paolozzi when placed in public spaces, some of which are particularly secluded? The quick answer is you turn to iFacility.

‘The Line’ is a world-class sculpture park in London that follows the Prime Meridian from the 02 towards the Olympic Park. Along the way it passes though some popular and busy neighbourhoods and some less well know districts and areas undergoing regeneration.

Tsecuring the line with ifacilityhis presents some challenges both to the creators of The Line and to iFacility.

For The Line’s creative team it meant that works of art – often significant pieces with some substantial financial and cultural value – would be placed in areas where there were few passers by. There was a constant risk of damage, whether intentional from vandalism or otherwise: overzealous walkers an overenthusiastic art lovers.  They needed constant surveillance.

iFacility, of course, are well placed to provide that surveillance. But some of these locations were so remote they weren’t just short of pedestrian traffic they were also off grid in terms of network connections and – in some cases – electricity too. With iFacility’s experience of leading edge technologies cameras were installed that connected wirelessly – and securely – via 3G and 4G mobile phone networks. And where power was also a problem, cameras could be supported by battery systems.

Thanks to these innovative solutions all the artworks on The Line are protected and monitored around the clock via the iFacility Control Centre. Now, should someone approach an artwork, the highly trained staff at the control centre are immediately alerted and can, depending on the incident, send out an audible warning or contact the appropriate authorities.

If you’re involved in an original or innovative project, such as The Line, we’d be pleased to talk with you and – without obligation – discuss the opportunities we could help deliver.

For more about The Line and its installations please visit their website here.

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