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Infrared Cameras – Cameras that can see, record and protect in low light.

Infrared CCTV cameras: record video at low light levels.

IR CCTV Cameras are useful when you need to:

  • Capture high quality CCTV images in near darkness
  • Covertly record intrusions and suspicious behaviour without betraying the presence of camera
  • Avoid generating light pollution in sensitive areas
  • Avoid the use of lights at night that might affect neighbours or distract drivers

Night Vision

Sometimes called ‘night vision’ cameras, infrared cameras can record images using a very low level of ambient lighting and combine that with on-board infrared emitting LED lights, with a light output invisible to the human eye, to ensure high quality images are recorded.

Though conventionally used outdoors, infrared cameras can also be used to discretely protect unlit interior spaces or any sensitive areas where light levels are low and ancillary lighting could be problematic.

Complete Coverage

Infrared CCTV cameras can be included in a security and surveillance system along with standard IP CCTV cameras and thermal CCTV cameras, for complete coverage of your premises under all conditions.

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