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Integrated IP Audio and PA Systems

Integrated IP Audio Systems from iFacility

We are all used to seeing Digital CCTV systems to monitor our businesses, schools and public areas, alongside PA speakers or piped music into shops and public spaces  – but did you also know that you can now seamlessly integrate your IP Audio system, PA systems, and other security monitoring devices into a single system? This is exactly what iFacility offers you.

Imagine a world where your Access Control, IP audio systems, and IP cameras were all integrated and working together, so you can view, hear and talk back through your own easy to use, single system.  We offer you a solution that can help provide feedback and intelligence, to subsequently increase levels of safety, security and customer service to your business.


“iFacility have created fully integrated video and audio monitoring solutions that perform way beyond traditional analogue surveillance, Access Control and IP PA Systems.”


ifacility-ip-audio-london-o2-arena-cctvAn iFacility IP audio system enables monitoring levels an voice automation that is unique to our clients, for instance, your security system would be able to detect whether your CCTV motion detectors saw an animal, individual or a vehicle.   Then play relevant automated information audio, warnings, or even high-frequency noise to quickly and harmlessly shoo away any four legged intruders.

You are also able to connect an iFacility IP Audio and PA systems straight into your SIP telephone system for paging announcements or to link into internet radio stations.

In an ideal retail situation, welcoming your customers with soft,  soothing music from your in-store music system not only feels welcoming to new and existing customers but is proved to increase customer visiting times and completed purchases.  You can also use this system to issue pre-recorded announcements to welcome both new and returning customers, daily or weekly offers, and include a telephone staff paging system over the same system.

We do not compromise on quality. Each one of our products is the highest quality and industry standard. Whether you need IP Audio systems, PA systems, external Horn to in ceiling and cabinet speakers to meet any requirement, iFacility can provide all at affordable rates.

Get in touch with iFacility today for all your IP Audio systems and IP PA speaker installation.

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