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IP HD CCTV – Security Cameras With The Highest Quality and Definition.

HD IP CCTV: High definition images and instant access 24/7

What is HD IP CCTV? Just like conventional television moved from the traditional analogue domain and ‘went digital’ a decade or more ago, so CCTV systems have similarly made the same leap, converting images to digital data that can be transmitted over a computer network and the Internet.

Compared with older, analogue CCTV systems the newer IP CCTV cameras offer greater quality, greater flexibility in deployment and more convenient installation options. And not least, a better return on your investment. Like high definition television, HD CCTV offers images with over four times the resolution of conventional cameras.

Better still, our experts can even migrate your existing analogue cameras to work alongside newer IP CCTV cameras (and therefore preserving any infrastructure investment you have already made) or work with you to design and install a completely new all-digital system.

The HD IP CCTV Benefits

  • Image quality: Amazingly clear surveillance images via advanced HD digital video, both live and recorded, giving clear high-resolution images.  You get at least four times the quality of traditional systems making it easier to identify incidents and people. Suspects can be identified unambiguously and details that would be lost to conventional cameras are retained.
  • Flexibility: IP CCTV images don’t need to be recorded locally – the data can be recorded centrally or even remotely, providing better security and management. And such recordings can be more robustly stored and archived for future analysis.
  • Future proof: IP CCTV systems are scalable and can grow at incremental cost with your business, meaning no major outlays when you expand your operations.
  • Seamless integration: Integrate with other equipment such as your existing computer network, lighting, gates, barriers, intruder alarms and access control over single or multiple sites. You can build a coherent and comprehensive surveillance system that covers all areas of risk.
  • Integrated installation: data can be delivered over existing infrastructure; this will minimise disruption during the installation phase and in some cases reduce costs and the need for unsightly cabling.
  • Easier access: View your cameras any time, any where with our unique and innovative myFacility portal.
  • More than just security and surveillance: Our fully integrated systems are a valuable tool for monitoring your staff, their working processes, and allows you to monitor (and even improve) health and safety practices and legislative compliances. You can even use them to monitor timekeeping.

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