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Manufacturing CCTV and Surveillance

Manufacturing and Production Plant IP Security and CCTV Surveillance

We work closely with many types of manufacturing businesses to help them run smoothly, efficiently and safely by providing our range of IP access control for staff attendance and time keeping  and HD IP CCTV systems for site security and surveillance, but also monitor performance of the plant machinery, production and personnel as the same CCTV system can be used in conjunction with our video analytics and remote monitoring station to keep an eye on your health and safety legislation compliance and examine any related incidents.

Authorised personnel can observe live and historic footage from cameras both on site and remotely, to ensure smooth operation even when on the road, or you may wish your production plant CCTV to be monitored on your behalf – 24 hours a day from our purpose built monitoring and alarm response centre where expert NSI Gold trained and authorised security staff will immediately alert intruders via a talkback feature, or put a silent alarm call in to you or the police if any suspicious incidents occur.

Whether your manufacturing plant CCTV is internally managed or needs to be fully managed and remotely monitored (a service enjoyed by clients such as Yeo Valley, Dyfed Steel, Roddas, Numatic and many more), all footage is easily available for examination of any past incidents, and our premium quality, high definition cctv cameras allow for close inspection of selected areas and clear, unambiguous identification of individuals.

An iFacility production plant access control system can be installed to work alongside our IP CCTV and alarm systems to limit staff access to certain areas of a plant and to control vehicular access to a site. For example; automatic access can be granted through unmanned gates for authorised vehicles, or under the direction of security staff based elsewhere, on- or off-site, this same system lends itself well to monitor staff performance, machine functionality and other tasks in the manufacturing plant that would otherwise require staff in attendance.

We can even offer highly accurate video analytics meaning we can give you exact monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and per minute production rates, plus give options such as red alerts on any foreign body contamination or interference with a product when none is expected.

For more information on any type or size of manufacturing security please get in touch with iFacility today.

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