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Milestone Xprotect

Milestone Xprotect 2016 has launched!

Milestone XProtect 2016 comes with hundreds of updates, improvements, both instantly obvious from front-end interface improvements but a great deal of reconsidered core code changes that whilst although not initially obvious from an end user experience means a far faster system all round with far smaller CPU utilisation footprint, meaning less investment on IT systems to support the product.

Just a selection of the many upgrades are

  • Select 4K and Ultra High Definition cameras
  • Simplified Licensing Handling
  • Advanced PTZ control
  • Improved Event Server performance
  • Vastly reduced hardware investment thanks to a reduction in CPU load by as much as 75%!
  • 2016 now includes push notifications that operators can use to send alarms to patrolling guards.
  • Video-enabled access control with XProtect Access 2016.

What Milestone products have changed?

XProtect Professional VMS XProtect Clients XProtect Add-on Products and Online Services

XProtect Enterprise 2016XProtect Professional 2016XProtect Express 2016XProtect Essential 2016
XProtect Smart Client 2016XProtect Web Client 2016Milestone Mobile 2016XProtect Smart Wall 2016
XProtect Access 2016XProtect Transact 2016Milestone ONVIF BridgeMIP SDK 2016

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