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myFacility Remote Access System

Giving you complete control; anytime, anywhere

We understand that your business requirements are ever growing, so you need your security and surveillance solution to give you more than simply CCTV and alarm cover. We offer a range of managed services in our unique myFacility portfolio to extend the use and effectiveness of your security system and give you a better handle on your business performance.


Innovative myFacility Managed Services include:

  • VideoVault™: anywhere, any time access to your cameras. View direct footage live, day or night; store selected evidence from specific cameras to examine more closely; and review historic footage recorded to identify past incidents or potential problem areas.
  • Loss Prevention Analysis: use our industry-leading combination of advanced image detection algorithms and analytical expertise to detect and quantify your losses. If you suspect fraud, we can help establish the type and nature, and thanks to our integration with other services, such as your EPOS systems, help you collect robust evidence.
  • Access Video Analytics and Insights: advanced analysis of your data; for example, see how people behave when they visit your premises to better deploy staff and resources. Use the data to optimise the layout of office areas and determine hotspots and key selling areas in retail spaces; take your business intelligence to the next level.
  • Accountability: request footage of specific incidents and update critical information, such as key holders and first points of contact, easily and efficiently – with complete accountability throughout.
  • Maintenance and support: when something goes wrong, you have the reassurance of instant access to our support and maintenance operation. You can check on the progress of any work in hand and ensure down time is kept to an absolute minimum. You can also get help on any aspect of your service quickly and conveniently.

With more managed services to come, myFacility is the simple-to-use hub for your security, surveillance and business management operation.

myFacility is compatible with iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and computer web browsers.

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