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Milestone video analytics

Capturing video footage is only one part of the puzzle when it comes to our intelligent security solutions. What gives you real control is the capacity to analyse footage and enhance your operational understanding.

Get more from video technology

That is the power of Milestone’s video analytics. The company specialises in data-driven video technology software. It helps customers interpret the information captured through video surveillance, identifying behaviour patterns and risk factors that can be mitigated.

We use video analytics to help our clients optimise business performance, enhance efficiency, and learn from infringements. By leveraging Milestone’s expertise, we assist the continuous improvement of your intelligent security system.

Open platform video management software

It’s not all about crunching the data. Milestone’s software enables us to monitor and manage video surveillance. It is compatible with all the CCTV cameras we install and is highly scalable.

So whether you operate a single retail unit, a huge warehouse or a complex multi-site operation, Milestone’s tech can help you make the most of your video capture.

A proven partner

We’ve worked with Milestone for many years and trust in the quality of its solutions. They dovetail with our own software platform to give an integrated security package that protects your business, keeping your property and people out of harm’s way.

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