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Orisec Alarms

As the UK’s fastest-growing manufacturer and distributor of intruder alarm systems, Orisec is a natural partner for an ambitious company like iFacility.

Bespoke systems

Orisec’s equipment is highly customisable, even down to the integration of your company logo on the alarm units themselves.

At a technical level, the systems can be configured to meet your needs. You can choose from more than 50 keypad designs, from traditional push buttons to touch screens.

Putting you in control

The alarm systems can be zoned to cover up to 200 separately controlled areas, putting you firmly in control of your on-site monitoring and security. And because they are controlled via the cloud, you can operate them remotely – making it far easier to cancel false alarms or update settings.

Full integration

We use Orisec alarm systems as part of our integrated security solutions. We value the company’s commitment to quality and customer service and prize its cutting-edge design and technical capacity.

Orisec offers a diverse product range, with more than 300 patented or trademarked products that provide unique protection for our customers. Whatever your needs, Orisec has the solution.

How can we help?

Our team can help work out the best solution for your needs. Get in touch today on 01749 600 600 or send us a message using the link below:
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