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AXIS Lightfinder Technology

Axis Lightfinder Technology is an innovation in low light video capture brought into the UK via iFacility and AXIS.  With heavy investment into reaserch, development and production of their own microchip controllers and the selection of the best optical components currently available.

Cameras with the Axis’ Lightfinder innovation have extraordinary sensitivity to the light available. Such cameras can convey clear, colour pictures in as little light as 0.18 lux

The Lightfinder innovation gives Axis cameras much more life-like hues in low-light conditions.

Lightfinder noise reduction technology is also part of the system, which in combination with the light sensitivity of the sensor gives a superior image quality with very little noise (which in turn won’t get false flagged as motion)

If you are interested in any ultra low light cameras please contact iFacility today.

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iFacility Introduces the Ultra Low Light Sony SNC-VB770

iFacility being Sony’s premier IP CCTV integrator are always thrilled to be the first to announce a new product, today is no exception with the new Sony SNC-VB770 Ultra Low Light IP CCTV Camera.  Released April the 14th, this new ultra low light, Ultra HD CCTV camera offers the highest sensitivity in its class – under 0.004lx – ISO 409600  which means that you are able to attain crisp, clear colour images in what would be pitch black to the human eye, with no need for any illumination from standard light or infra red sources!

The new SNC-VB770 camera achieves such high resolution and amazing sensitivity due to its image processing and full-frame 35mm Exmor sensor – all developed internally by Sony;

“The SNC-VB770 builds on Sony’s image sensor strengths and applies this expertise to new applications in the commercial video capture realm,” said Roger Lawrence, Video Security Product Manager at Sony Professional Europe. “Low-light conditions don’t only occur at night. They exist 24/7 in museums, zoos and any number of municipal and commercial areas. This new camera and the expanding line of our 4K network models give users more options for meeting their demanding capture requirements.”

With the exceptional detail provided by 4K cctv technology (4 times the detail of HD) we are able to provide a wide area surveillance system and still capture, magnify and examine the smallest parts of a scene like a face or a car license plate number – all with a single cctv camera – and with the backward-compatible E-mount system – iFacility are able to install the SNC-VNB770 with wide angle or telephoto lenses – which are optimised both optically and via the cameras of internal software code to maximise the performance of the 35 mm full-frame sensor.

The camera’s Intelligent Cropping feature lets users capture a full view while cropping images in its native 4K resolution from multiple images at the same time, with either 3 or 5 simultaneous video streams.


View a short sample of the camera’s capabilities here and please get in touch to pre book a demonstration of this new CCTV system.


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The Sony SNC-VM772R 4K CCTV Camera

Exceptional sensitivity and resolution with the SNC-VM772R4K CCTV

With four times the resolution of Full HD, Sony’s 4K CCTV camera the SNC-VM772R – supplied or installed from iFacility  (Sony Partner of the year 2015-2017) brings industry-leading clarity and sensitivity to critical video monitoring and surveillance applications. (see a demonstration of a 4k picture and its amazing zoom here)

Thanks to the camera’s large, sensitive 1.0-type back-illuminated Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor, high-speed image processing and high-quality zoom lens, the SNC-VM772R from Sony captures detail-packed 4K video footage with a minimum illumination of 0.06 lx – even in near darkness.

Automatic selection of picture settings

Picture settings are automatically selected to suit a wide range of operating environments, such as weather, time, and lighting conditions, providing the best picture quality for the scene. They can also be manually adjusted for even more flexible operation.

Various output modes

The increased resolution of 4K opens up exciting new monitoring possibilities. Traditional video surveillance requires a PTZ camera or several box cameras to survey a wide area. The SNC-VM772R can stream an overall low-resolution situational view, plus cropped original 4K resolution views of specific areas of interest in the scene, with Multi Tracking to chase moving subjects. The 20 megapixel sensor also enables high-quality still image recording at beyond 4K resolution to allow close examination of a scene for evidence purposes.

Other key features

• Excellent low-light capabilities are further enhanced with in-built IR illuminators for true night-time coverage.
• Edge Storage (onboard recording with memory cards) safeguards recordings during network outrage.
• The camera’s outstanding image performance is enhanced with features, including Optical Image Stabilisation for steadier pictures.
• Quick, simple installation and set-up is aided by a smartphone or tablet PC app for remote field of view adjustment
• Discreet style, ruggedised vandal and weather-resistant design; ideal for tough round-the-clock cctv security indoors or out (IK10, IP66).

For more information call the Sony sales team 01749 600600 or download the PDF below

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