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The Challenge

Legacy technology requiring replacement or upgrade and new technology across a complex and fast-growing nationwide estate; 24-hour operations, seven days a week – including periods where gyms are unstaffed or working alone; a requirement for non-intrusive monitoring of premises to keep members, staff and contractors safe and ensure security and compliance around the clock.

The intelligent security solution

Gradual upgrade of equipment on a rollout programme across The Gym Group’s existing estate, with the iFacility innovative solution utilised by default at new sites. Access control using PINs and QR codes to facilitate contactless entry around the clock. Footage recording 24/7, with local monitoring in the manager’s office and remote monitoring in iFacility’s Control Room. Regular patrols when sites are unstaffed, increasing when footfall is low to protect customers who may be working out solo or in small numbers. Intercom system linking to iFacility Control Room, so customers can speak to a trained operative in the event of an emergency when the gym is unstaffed. Visual verification using high-definition imagery or footage, liaison with emergency services, and coordination of evacuation and all-clear signals. Unobtrusive monitoring of contractors to ensure health and safety protocols are being followed and lone workers are protected efficiently and cost-effectively.


The iFacility difference: an integrated security solution providing 24/7 protection of The Gym Group’s people, property and customers. Our cutting-edge system coupled with our bespoke software offers insight into business efficiency, enhances security, and improves the customer experience. Our partnership has grown over time, leading to new solutions that meet The Gym Group’s developing challenges as a fast-growing business with a national footprint while gradually upgrading legacy systems to balance operating efficiency with cost-effectiveness.

The clients says: “iFacility fulfilled our initial brief, and the relationship continues to evolve in response to our needs. I have found iFacility to be friendly, open and quick to respond to challenges. The team spends the time getting to know us and keeps in regular contact.”

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