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Remote CCTV and Alarm Response Centre – ARC / RVRC

Remote IP CCTV monitoring and Alarms from our own UK operations centre

A modern world requires advanced solutions to combat the changing threat landscape.  That is why we at iFacility constructed a dedicated IP Cat 2 Alarm Response Centre, providing Alarm and 24-hour CCTV monitoring and support for the UK and worldwide clients, with services such as:

      • Able to takeover existing systems and transform them to provide reliable business and asset protection
      • Intruder and panic alarms monitored around the clock, verified to the Police
      • Environmental monitoring – for example, to ensure the temperature at a food storage or data centre location exceeds safe levels
      • Lone worker protection, with one of our team assigned to monitor activity using our state-of-the-art technology
      • Access control, including remote authorisation of gates and barrier entry points, allows us to provide guided access into a site.

A true digital, cutting-edge monitoring centre

Our purpose-built control room genuinely has to be seen to be believed.  Forget what others might claim our fully IP response centre was the first of its kind in the UK.  Banked on every side by large screens, an array of computers, and state-of-the-art storage servers, our highly trained, technically astute security staff work in shifts of teams to ensure 24-hour coverage of client sites, every day and hour of the week.

The alarm centre meets all of the technical and legal requirements of a Category 2 Alarm Response Centre. That means it has its own electricity supply and even a fresh-air bio-weapon defence system, to protect occupants. Entry and exit involve passing through several vehicle and person airlocks, bounded at either end by blast doors.

Instant response from well-trained security specialists

Our security staff can respond instantly to any threats. This may entail issuing verbal warnings or instructions through a loudspeaker located on site. It may involve sounding alarms, and it may even require them to contact the police.

All incidents and alarms are carefully logged, with corresponding footage from our HD CCTV cameras. As a result, you can see exactly what happened, enabling you to determine causation and take appropriate action. Such insight also helps inform future security decisions, maximise protection of your site and help you manage a variety of risks, such as;

  • Attacks on vulnerable or lone workers
  • Monitoring shift workers
  • Burglary, vandalism and armed threats
  • Stock damage and theft
  • Health and Safety compliance
  • Theft from a construction site
  • Staff fraud
  • Out-of-hours technical issues relating to your security equipment

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