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Food Production

Food production is iFacility’s bread and butter. We’ve worked with clients in this industry for two decades, garnering the experience and expertise that adds real value to your processes. With our support, you can prevent losses, optimise efficiency and keep your staff safe.

Surveillance and zoned areas

You need a bird’s-eye view of your production line, ensuring it is a hygienic, efficient operation where quality is guaranteed.

Our integrated security solutions give you just that. We cover every nook and cranny of your factory floor, giving you real-time and recorded footage via our remote software platform.

With our technology, you can control and measure movements around your facility, operating zoned areas with audible alerts to warn staff of infringements. This enables you to avoid food contamination and manage security, controlling who goes where on your site through use of technology such as biometric identity checking, pass codes or security passes.

Zoning provides a further benefit: by tracking levels of activity across your factory, you reduce unnecessary energy consumption by automatically turning off lighting and heating when areas are not in use.

Managing health and safety

You want to maintain the highest standards of health and safety for your staff, managing risks and reporting incidents as quickly as possible. Our intelligent security solutions provide the insight you need, enabling you to identify and address breaches in protocol before they become problematic.

By analysing footage from accidents using our remote software platform, or by asking our control room staff to share it, you can learn from any incidents and change staff behaviour. That way, you keep your people safe, and ensure compliance with your statutory responsibilities as a food producer.

Recording insight

Thanks to our remote software platform, you can access footage from your security system any time, day or night. This gives you instant insight into production activities – useful for intervening to prevent poor practice, business optimisation, and training purposes.

Choose iFacility as an end-to-end security partner and we’ll monitor your system for you, meaning our team will identify risk areas and intervene as necessary. We’ll provide you with footage of incidents, liaise with the emergency services, and even manage contractors to repair damage to your premises. We can manage the investigation process, too.

A Reduced Carbon Footprint

Take your integrated solution to the next level, by extending it to other building control elements including:

  • Lighting – adjust according to ambient conditions and the presence of office staff. Low wattage bulbs further reduce consumption.
  • Air conditioning – vary intelligently to prevent wastage or when ambient temperatures are adequate.
  • Heating – turn on only when there is a need.
  • Other electrical appliances – activate and deactivate only when there is demand.

Collectively, these will ensure that you exceed your company’s environmental targets and reduce your carbon footprint. You can set the system to maximise energy savings and when the last person leaves at the end of the day, power is automatically switched off.

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