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Gym Security Systems

You want to keep your members, customers, and staff safe, often around the clock. Our integrated solutions meet your challenges, giving you access control, security, and state-of-the-art safety monitoring.

Because we are a truly independent operator, we specify your solution with complete impartiality. What’s more, by handling every stage of the installation and follow-up support ourselves, we ensure there are no gaps in the service you receive.

Our Security systems and CCTV cameras monitor your gym or leisure facility 24/7/365 or just out of hours. With complete flexibility, we can ensure the health and safety, and security of members. From Gyms, activity parks, climbing centers, or leisure facilities you can be assured we have a solution.

Our control room has licensed and screened operators. Our monitoring station is Category 1, conforms to NSI ARC GOLD, and meets all cyber, BS, and ISO standards.

Life Safety and Security Monitoring

We use the very latest video analytics to monitor people’s behaviour and identify triggers.  For example, if a gym member appears to be struggling, or a guest seems to linger in a certain area, our control room team can prompt an intervention to avoid an incident.

Thanks to our monitoring team, we can take care of any breaches of safety issues, using audio and strategically placed intercoms to interact with your staff or customers. 

As the need arises you can use our remote software platform – myFacility to access security information via your phone, tablet, or computer at any time. 

We protect hundreds of gym and fitness venues throughout the UK, making us the leader in intelligent security for the leisure sector.

An integrated solution

Access control via QR codes, passcodes, automated doors or biometrics. Health and Safety monitoring of your premises, and loss prevention. Integrated monitoring to optimise efficiency and safety.

All these solutions and more can come as part of the iFacility offering. And they’re all scalable, meaning we can adjust to changes in your leisure business with all the agility you’d expect.


Agile, Reliable, and innovative, our mission is to protect your people, property, and profits. 

Take your integrated security solution to the next level, by extending it to other building and control elements including:

  • Access Everywhere – Remote access to your security system via myFacility – our proprietary software platform
  • Advanced – The best range of cutting-edge security technology from our network of trusted partners
  • On Watch – Monitoring services from our state-of-the-art control rooms.
  • AI Analytics – Video analytics to help you identify and mitigate security and safety risks

These are just some of the solutions that collectively ensure that you protect what matters most. 

How can we help?

Our team can create the best solution for your needs. Get in touch today on 01749 600 600 or send us a message using the link below:

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