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One of the major concerns for hotel operators is to show their guests that security is taken seriously, without giving any suggestion that their privacy will be invaded. It’s a challenge that we are well accustomed to meeting.

CCTV and surveillance

Our CCTV systems provide comprehensive coverage of your estate, both inside and out. This protects your guests and staff, with remote monitoring via our software platform giving real-time insight into risk areas.

We use video analytics to identify suspicious behaviour, helping you act quickly to prevent security breaches. You can also monitor staff conduct, ensuring compliance with health and safety guidelines and appropriate customer service.

Whether you monitor your own footage or leave that to our control room, you’ll have access high-quality images that are easily interpreted and quickly available in the event of an investigation.

Hotel door control systems

We can limit guest access to certain areas, and control staff access according to grade or function.

Many of our systems enable automated access, which means you can offer guests a round-the-clock service without incurring additional staff costs. By using ANPR for car park security, you can manage your outside spaces efficiently and cost-effectively, too.

Alarm systems

Intruder alarms offer a valuable deterrent to criminals. They can be activated audibly or in more subtle ways, depending on your security needs.

Fire alarms are a necessity. Use ours in conjunction with our monitoring software to verify any reported fires, thereby avoiding unnecessary evacuations and minimising disruption for your guests.


Agile, Reliable, and innovative, our mission is to protect your people, property, and profits. 

Take your integrated security solution to the next level, by extending it to other building and control elements including:

  • Access Everywhere – Remote access to your security system via myFacility – our proprietary software platform
  • Advanced – The best range of cutting-edge security technology from our network of trusted partners
  • On Watch – Monitoring services from our state-of-the-art control rooms.
  • AI Analytics – Video analytics to help you identify and mitigate security and safety risks

These are just some of the solutions that collectively ensure that you protect what matters most. 

How can we help?

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