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Small Business

Small Business

Own a small business? Operate a start up enterprise?  Costs are probably high – if not top – of your agenda. It’s all too easy to neglect your business security and find yourself exposed to significant risk. That’s why you need to consider a security and surveillance solution that both protects your investment and is cost effective. A solution that offers you an exceptional return on investment whilst giving you the flexibility to monitor your premises 24/7 no matter where you are.


Our scaleable solutions include remote access to your CCTV system so you can keep an eye on your operation when you are off site and even when at home in the evening. And we can integrate your cameras with an intelligent alarm system and access control features to build a total solution for your security needs. And you can start small, upgrading your system easily as your business develops. You can even use your cameras to provide useful business insights that can help boost that development. 


See how Woodford Forest & Landscape are using iFacility to help with the security and surveillance of their growing business here.


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