iFacility has long experience of supplying high-tech CCTV that meets our clients’ precise needs. For us, supplying hardware is just one piece of the puzzle. The rest lies in identifying your needs and designing a system that meets them – now and in the future.

All our CCTV tech is scalable, which means it can reflect the changing shape of your business. And because we’re proudly independent, we work with several partners to identify the right system for you.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience means you can trust us to offer the right advice, every time. We can help you integrate legacy equipment, or design a new set-up from scratch. Either way, aligned to our proprietary software platform, you’ll have an end-to-end solution that’s guaranteed to be fit for purpose and deliver a tangible return on investment.

A Reduced Carbon Footprint

Take your integrated solution to the next level, by extending it to other building control elements including:

  • Lighting – adjust according to ambient conditions and the presence of office staff. Low wattage bulbs further reduce consumption.
  • Air conditioning – vary intelligently to prevent wastage or when ambient temperatures are adequate.
  • Heating – turn on only when there is a need.
  • Other electrical appliances – activate and deactivate only when there is demand.

Collectively, these will ensure that you exceed your company’s environmental targets and reduce your carbon footprint. You can set the system to maximise energy savings and when the last person leaves at the end of the day, power is automatically switched off.

How can we help?

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