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Video Redaction

Video Surveillance CCTV redaction service

iFacility’s secure, end-to-end evidence-handling system myFacility now features a video redaction service.

Designed for busy professionals, crafted for people with demanding schedules, no expertise necessary. Let our skilled and licensed Security Industry Authority (SIA) staff handle everything for you. Just provide us the CCTV footage and we can do the rest.

Interactively remove and hide:-

  • Faces.
  • Tattoos or other distinguishing marks/features.
  • Vehicle number/ license plates.
  • Minors or vulnerable persons.
  • Members of the public or victims.
  • Sensitive or explicit content.
  • Branding or location information.

Using advanced technology, almost anything can be redacted from CCTV evidence with a swift delivery timescale.

Why should I redact my CCTV footage?

Releasing personally identifiable video footage to someone who is not entitled to receive it could breach GDPR or Data Protection Act legislation and result in a hefty fine. Video redaction ensures compliance and helps protect people’s privacy, identity, and dignity.

Where can I use video redaction?

Video redaction is useful in a wide range of scenarios for public and private sector organisations:

  • Court hearings, criminal prosecution, or Police investigation.
  • Insurance or legal proceedings.
  • Case studies and educational training videos.
  • Disciplinary proceedings.
  • SARs (Subject Access Requests)

How does video redaction work?

Redaction works by our software intelligently editing the video footage and blurring, pixelating, or “blanking out” certain elements of the image so that sensitive or private elements within the video are not viewable. An example would be hiding a person’s face as part of an investigation. We’ll send the redacted video back to you via our platform.

Contact us today to find out more about how the iFacility video redaction service can get you compliant as well as save time and money->


Agile, Reliable, and innovative, our mission is to protect your people, property, and profits. 

Take your integrated security solution to the next level, by extending it to other building and control elements including:

  • Access Everywhere – Remote access to your security system via myFacility – our proprietary software platform
  • Advanced – The best range of cutting-edge security technology from our network of trusted partners
  • On Watch – Monitoring services from our state-of-the-art control rooms.
  • AI Analytics – Video analytics to help you identify and mitigate security and safety risks

These are just some of the solutions that collectively ensure that you protect what matters most. 

How can we help?

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