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Virtual Reception

There are two reasons to use technology in place of a human receptionist. The first is to do with eliminating any margin for error. The second is to do with maximising efficiency.

With our technology, you can cover your Reception around the clock, with no staffing costs. We can respond to customer enquiries 24/7, delivering a set-up that’s tailored to your needs.

We use digital signs that can be updated in real time, contactless access control, and our wider managed services to deliver seamless support that shows your company in the best light. Where human contact is needed, we direct enquiries to our state-of-the-art control room, ensuring they are dealt with swiftly by a member of our experienced team.

A Reduced Carbon Footprint

Take your integrated solution to the next level, by extending it to other building control elements including:

  • Lighting – adjust according to ambient conditions and the presence of office staff. Low wattage bulbs further reduce consumption.
  • Air conditioning – vary intelligently to prevent wastage or when ambient temperatures are adequate.
  • Heating – turn on only when there is a need.
  • Other electrical appliances – activate and deactivate only when there is demand.

Collectively, these will ensure that you exceed your company’s environmental targets and reduce your carbon footprint. You can set the system to maximise energy savings and when the last person leaves at the end of the day, power is automatically switched off.

How can we help?

Our team can help work out the best solution for your needs. Get in touch today on 01749 600 600 or send us a message below: